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Monday, December 05, 2005

Sports: Hot Stove update

Mets got another peace of their puzzle by trading for Paul L oduca for two prospects. It is going to be hard to pick the Braves this year to win the NL East with the Mets picking up everyone and their mom this offseason. The Mets are defiantly the winners of this offseason. If the Braves weren't the Braves and didn't win the division 14 straight years I'd be picking the Mets this year.

The White Sox have stocked up this off season with the Jim Thome signing and resigning Paul Konorko. But the Indians, who already have one of the best line ups in baseball, are trying to stock up on pitching. They just inked Paul Byrd for two years. While he isn't a number 1 starter, I do think he makes a very strong number 3 or a weak number 2. He doesn't throw hard, but he throws efficiently and effectively. I think this is a good signing for the Indians but I don't think he is worth $7+ million a year.

The overspending this offseason has continued. The Dodgers are going to give Rafeal Furcal $13 million a year making him the 2nd highest paid short stop in baseball. However I don't think he is the 2nd best shortstop in baseball. The Dodgers can afford to over spend like this and still make money so it won't be a problem for them, but all this over spending is killing the small market teams. Good signing for the Dodgers and a huge loss for the Braves.

Hopefully the Mets aren't this stupid. Reports are indicating they are interested in Sammy Sosa. If this is true, I'd make them the automatic losers in the off season. Sosa is washed up and a cancer. No team in baseball should even be thinking of signing him. He just can't hack it in baseball anymore. I could see if he still played decently in the outfield you could live with his not so great bat anymore. But he can't even do that anymore. Please Mets, don't sign Sosa, leave that to the Yankees.


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