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Friday, December 02, 2005

Sports: Hot Stove Update

Reliever have been getting big contracts this off season, I'm surprised after seeing how much the Cubs signed their two new relievers for that Tim Worrell signed for 2 years $4 million with the Giants. He has, in the past, had closer stuff. If Bonds can come back and be healthy the Giants will definitely be the favorites to win their pitiful division.

I like this signing, because now the Redsox won't have to worry about Flash Gordon pitching for the Yankees anymore. He signed with the Phillies to replace Billy Wagner as their closer. Gordon is a good pitcher but he is no Wagner.

Yesterday I read a report that the Yankees signed Kyle Farnsworth, but now it seems that the Rangers have joined in the hunt for Farnsworth. I hope the Rangers sign him, I want the Yankees bulpen to be horrendous this year. Farnsworth will be a good fit on any team he signs with, but he will have no chance to close on either team.

Marlins have continued their yard sale by trading Luis Castillo to the Twins for two pitchers. I don't blame for the Marlins for doing what they are doing. They did it after they won the World Series in the 90's and rebuilt to win the World Series again in 03. If the fans down there supported the team more, they wouldn't have to do this, but since they don't they have to. With all these prospects they are picking up, I have no doubt they will be competitive again in 2 or 3 years.


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