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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sports: Hot Stove Update

The Yankees are set to sign Kyle Farnsworth to a deal believed to be around $4 million a year. These are the type of players the Redsox need to be going after. This was our biggest problem last year, our relief pitching. This will be a great signing for the Yankees, especially if they loose Tom Gordon which I believe they will. I don't think he will be the great stopper that Tom Gordon has been in the past few years for the Yankees, but he is pretty good when he is on.

I was surprised when Konorko resigned with the White Sox and I am equally surprise that Brian Giles resigned with the Padres. I thought he would try and get more money from either the Redsox, Yankees, Angels, and other big market teams that were pursuing him. Good for Giles though and I hope the Padres are able to compete again this year.


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