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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sports: Colts debate

This debate may all be academic, but if the Colts have the division wrapped up and home field advantage wrapped up, should they rest their players in hopes of winning the Super Bowl?

If the Colts are 15-0 going into their last game in Arizona there is no way they should rest their players. I'm sure all the players would want to play and win. An undefeated record would be historic and I don't know any player who would not want to be apart of such a great season.

I hear the argument, but what if a player gets hurt? Peyton could take a hard sack and dislocate his shoulder, or James could get tackled and break an ankle. Or they could wake up step out of bed and fall down the stairs. Anything could happen, but I don't think any players goes to the game and says "I think I'll get hurt today." It just doesn't happen.

I've never been a fan of resting players anyways, I think it makes them rusty. They will already have a bye in the play offs and will have rust from that. Taking off another week may or may not hurt them, but every player will always think, what if. What if we did play and what if we were 16-0, then if they won the Super Bowl, 19-0.

Of course all this is academic if they don't beat Tennessee this week, Jacksonville the week after, then San Diego, Seattle, and finally Arizona. I don't think they will go undefeated. I still think they will loose to the Chargers or Seattle.


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