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Friday, December 30, 2005

Thoughts: The real leakgate

The liberals bitched and whined about the supposive leaking to Valerie Plame. They called for investigation and found nothing. All they could find wrong about Scooty Libby was perjuring himself under oath. Now with someone leaking classified secrets about domestic spying, I wonder how the liberals will react.
The Justice Department has opened another investigation into leaks of classified information, this time to determine who divulged the existence of President Bush's secret domestic spying program.

The inquiry focuses on disclosures to The New York Times about warrantless surveillance conducted by the National Security Agency since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, officials said.

The newspaper recently revealed the existence of the program in a front-page story that also acknowledged that the news had been withheld from publication for a year, partly at the request of the administration and partly because the newspaper wanted more time to confirm various aspects of the program.

White House spokesman Trent Duffy said Justice undertook the action on its own, and Bush was informed of it Friday.

"The leaking of classified information is a serious issue. The fact is that al-Qaida's playbook is not printed on Page One and when America's is, it has serious ramifications," Duffy told reporters in Crawford, Texas, where Bush was spending the holidays.

Who ever leaked this information should be hung for treason. As far as I'm concerned the leaker is guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy. Now that they leaked this story we won't be able to track the terrorists who threaten our country.

Now that the terrorist scum know what we are doing, they will change what they do. Who ever leaked this is unpatriotic and is a scumbag who deserves to be brought to Club Gitmo.

Of course what does the ACLU think about this? They showed their true colors once again by condemning the Justice Department.

Accusing President Bush of breaking the law and lying to the American people, the American Civil Liberties Union today condemned a Justice Department investigation into the leak of the National Security Agency's operation to eavesdrop on suspected terrorists.
The ACLU, however, called on the administration to drop the newly announced probe of the leakers and, instead, to order an investigation of Bush's program.

"President Bush broke the law and lied to the American people when he unilaterally authorized secret wiretaps of U.S. citizens," said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero.

The ACLU wrote a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and took out two full-page advertisements in the New York Times calling for appointment of a special counsel to determine whether Bush violated federal wiretapping laws
The ACLU is no better than the asshole who leaked this in the first place. I hope they all get fucked in the ass in Federal Prison.

Sports: Tejada to the Redsox

Sure it hasn't happened yet, but I think it is getting closer than I ever thought it would. Tejada is getting more upset with the Orioles with their lack of action and the Redsox are offering more to get him, Manny and Matt Clement.

I am still very speptical about the whole trade, teams usually don't like to trade with in division. I want this to happen though. I believe Tejada can match Manny's offensive stats and he will surpass him defensive wise 100 fold.

Whether or not Manny will accept a trade to Baltimore I do not know, but I can always pray.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Jokes: The Man Song

Sports: Day to Day

The Patriots Ted Bruschi is day to day with his calf injury according to Bill Bellicheck.

Hell Bruschi could be dead and he would still be listed as day to day by the Patriots. I just hope this injury won't keep him out of the play offs. Of course Bruschi is such a gamer a stroke can't even keep him out of the game so he would probably have to be dead not to play in the play offs.

It is no coincidence that the Patriots started playing better after they got Bruschi back. He is just as much the heart and soul as Brady is to the Patriots.

Thoughts: I have my doubts

I don't trust MTV one bit. They are as liberal as they come. So when they say they are doing a documentary on gun owners I don't entirely trust them. As I am sure a lot of gun owners are too.
MTV, Music Television, has become known more for its "reality" shows and political activism than for playing music videos over the past decade. That trend will continue Thursday night with the airing of the latest episode of the network's "True Life" documentary series: "True Life: I'm a Gun Owner." While some firearms enthusiasts are giving MTV the benefit of the doubt, many gun rights advocates are already questioning the objectivity of the program.

MTV's "True Life" documentary series has told the "remarkable real-life stories of young people and the unusual subcultures they inhabit" -- from a homosexual couple getting "married" in Massachusetts to young people "living a lie" by concealing their multiple, simultaneous romantic relationships or their sexual preference.

The Dec. 29 episode examines how "guns are changing the lives of four young people in very different ways," according to a promotional "blurb" emailed to Cybercast News Service by MTV publicist Diane Domondon.

"While most gun owners are responsible, on average every hour someone between the ages of 15 and 28 is cut down by a bullet," the promotional statement continued. "Whether it's for protection, crime or sport, guns are having a deep effect on the youth of our nation."

The promotional announcement did not indicate whether the phrase "cut down by a bullet" included injuries or only deaths. It also did not indicate whether the statistic included accidents or legitimate self-defense shootings by law enforcement officers and civilians.

The program features a convicted felon, a gang member, a hunter and a crime victim who is now an advocate of armed self-defense to present the various sides of the gun debate. Several gun rights advocates immediately challenged MTV's math.

"It's a bit offensive that 50 percent of the people they've chosen to feature as being 'gun owners' are people who are obviously breaking the law and probably acquired their firearms illegally," Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America said of the gang member and the convict. "When you look at the statistics, it's only a fraction of 1 percent of the 'gun owners' in the country who ever use firearms in an illegitimate way."
MTV will portray guns as the problem and not the people using them. I know this. And I'm sure they found the biggest dumbest redneck of a hunter to put on TV to shed negative light on gun owners.

Sports: I still don't know how I tested positive for steroids

What a joke. I used to respect Rafael Palmerio. Now he is just a lying hasbeen.

I'm not sure why I am even bothering to write about him here today. Probably because I find it funny he is still trying to deny sticking a needle in his ass to inflate his numbers. The sad thing is he was the only one I believed who testified in front of Congress.

Sosa embarrassed himself by pretending he doesn't speak English well enough and needed a translator.

McGuire embarrassed himself by not talking about the past and only wanted to talk about the future.

But in the end neither Big Mac or Sosa tested positive for steroids, only Palmerio.

The only way I would gain any semblance of respect for Palmerio is if he came out and told the truth. I want to here an apology from Palmerio for sticking a needle up his ass and injecting himself with steroids.

Until then, just shut the fuck up!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thoughts: Democratic #1 Ally

Saddum Hussien.

Hussein charged Thursday that the Bush administration lied when it claimed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, just at it lied by disputing his claims of being beaten.

"The White House lies once more," Hussein said, "the No. 1 liar in the world. They said in Iraq, there is chemicals, and there is a relation to terrorism, and they announced later we couldn't find any of that in Iraq.

"Also, they said that what Saddam Hussein (said) was not true," he continued in an apparent reference to his claims Wednesday that he and all seven of his codefendants were beaten and tortured by their American captors.

If I didn't know any better I would have thought this quote was from a leading Democrat.

It is pretty sad when you have to ally yourself with the likes of Saddam Hussien to win politically.

Why do people vote for those people again?

Thoughts: Question for everyone

If the Patriots is such a horrible and disgusting thing that CAN NOT be made permanent. If you really and truly believe that, how can you vote to extend it for 6 months?
The terror-fighting USA Patriot Act may have a new lease on life. The GOP-controlled Senate on Wednesday approved a six-month extension of the USA Patriot Act to keep the anti-terror law from expiring on Dec. 31. President Bush gave it his grudging blessing.

The Republican-controlled House is now expected to come back and consider the legislation keeping the 16 provisions of the law passed after the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington from expiring.

Republican leaders and Bush wanted to make most of the law permanent, but were stymied by a filibuster in the Senate and had to resort to a six-month extension.

"This will allow more time to finally agree on a bill that protects our rights and freedoms while preserving important tools for fighting terrorism," said Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., who was the only senator to vote against the original Patriot Act in 2001.

That is all I want to know, if it is good enough to be extended 6 months, it must be good enough to be made permanent. Hypocrisy in the legislature...What's new?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sports: Mother Fucker

I did not want to see this...or actually hear this.

Johnny Damon signed with the Yankees, according to espn news on my Sirius Satalitte radio, for 4 years $52 million. Good luck in New York you fucking bum.

Thoughts: Up, Up, and Away

That is what Bush's poll numbers are doing now that he has gone on the offensive and started talking more. Bush doesn't care about poll numbers, but the Dems do. And nothing kills them more than seeing Bush's poll numbers going up.

His numbers are at 47% approval up from his low of 39% just a couple of months ago. If Bush stays on the offensive and keeps on making these speeches his poll numbers will be in the high 50's low 60's in no time.

The American people like optimism, and that is what Bush's speeches are about. He is optimist about the war in Iraq and about the state of America. Try getting optimism out of the Democrats, that is like getting blood out of a stone.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Thoughts: What a speech

I watched the Simpsons and War at Home last night and was all set to watch Family Guy when Fox interrupted my Sunday Night cartoons to show the President's address to the Nation. I like President Bush and all but I really wanted to see Family Guy. But since I was being interrupted anyways, I decided to watch the speech.


That is all I want to know.

This speech was great. He went into detail and expressed why this war is a necessity. He assured that we are winning the war.

Bush needs to do these more often. The only thing most Americans hear are the negatives that come from the media and the liberal politicians. They don't hear all the good we are doing and they don't hear why we need to finish what we started.

Thoughts: Defending Eavesdropping

With the liberals blowing a gasket over the news report that Bush authorize the NSA to eavesdrop on any international phone calls and emails maybe the liberals should look to the past. I'm sure none of the same liberals were complaining when Clinton had the NSA to the same thing.

uring the 1990's under President Clinton, the National Security Agency monitored millions of private phone calls placed by U.S. citizens and citizens of other countries under a super secret program code-named Echelon.

On Friday, the New York Times suggested that the Bush administration has instituted "a major shift in American intelligence-gathering practices" when it "secretly authorized the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans and others inside the United States to search for evidence of terrorist activity without [obtaining] court-approved warrants."

But in fact, the NSA had been monitoring private domestic telephone conversations on a much larger scale throughout the 1990s - all of it done without a court order, let alone a catalyst like the 9/11 attacks.

This isn't a new things. And I am not for big brother government at all, but I have no problem with the US intelligence agencies monitoring conversations to terrorist nations. If monitoring phone calls and emails to Syria or any other country in the Mid East can save a few lives and prevent terrorist attacks than it makes it worth it.

Sports: Hot Stove Update

Nomar has made his decision. He will be playing for the LA Dodgers this year. As he signed a 1 year $6 million contract which could be worth as much as $8 million with incentives. This was the team I thought he would go to all along, even before he signed with the Cubs last year. Nomar always said he wanted to play on the west coast and you don't get much more west coast than Los Angelos. I wish Nomar the best and feel sorry for the Dodgers who over paid for Nomar's services.

The Seattle Mariners are close to signing Jared Washburn to a 4 year deal. I'm glad the Mariners are trying to become competitive again. I like seeing those 4 teams in the AL West division beat each other up giving the Redsox the best chance to make the play offs in the Wild Card. Not quite sure if Washburn is worth the reportedly 10 mil a year he is being offered from the Mariners, but every pitcher is being over paid this year.

Rudy Seanez? Didn't we just have him a few years ago? And didn't he suck when we had him? Now the Redsox are accept salary arbitration from the Redsox. Maybe we can have our starting short stop in this guy? He played good defense for the most part, outside that error in the ALDS against the White Sox. I like the fact that we are keeping him as he is a solid player.

Sports: Well that debate is over

I guess we won't have to discuss whether or not the Colts should or shouldn't start all their players to reach 16-0 as they lost to the Chargers yesterday 26-17. I picked the Chargers in my pick-em league at Poolhost. Which I am currently in first place I'd like to add.

I was happy to see the Colts loose, but probably not as happy as the 72 Dolphins were. Every year they celebrate when the last undefeated team looses. As much as it pains me to say, the 1972 Dolphins are the greatest team in NFL history and until another team goes undefeated I will continue to believe that.

The reason I was ecstatic that the Colts lost is because I'm a Patriots fan. I don't want another team over shadowing the Patriots success. And the way the Pats have been playing as of late I think they are primed up to win their 3rd straight SuperBowl.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Thoughts: I should be in Congress

I've been saying we should do this for as long as I can remember. The House passed a bill saying we should make a fence on the US/Mexico border. About fucking time. Lets hope the Senate can pass it too.
The House of Representatives voted to build a wall along the US border with Mexico to stop illegal immigration.

The 260-159 voice vote on an amendment to a bill on illegal immigration "mandates the construction of specific security fencing, including lights and cameras, along the Southwest border for the purposes of gaining operational control of the border.

"Fencing has been designated in sectors that have the highest number of immigrant deaths, instances of drug smuggling and illegal border crossings," because of the large number of would-be immigrants who die in the desert attempting to cross the US border.

It worked in Isreal, keeping the terrorist scum Palestinians out, and it will work here too. This is one of the few things I wouldn't mind paying higher taxes for. Anything to keep the dirty illegal aliens out of this country is a good thing.

I don't mind immigration, if you want to come to the greatest country in the world, great. But do it lawfully. This country was built on immigration and will continue to thrive with immigration, but we the safety of American more important than ever, we can't let people just walk over the borders.

Now lets hope the limp wristed RINO's in the Senate can muster up the balls to vote for this.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Thoughts: Where is my Global Warming

I've worked long and hard driving around the stinkiest most polluting SUV I could find because I hate winter. Now we are on record to one of the 10 coldest winters since 1800.

I am sick of hearing about global warming, especially when I'm freezing my nuts off when ever I walk outside. But I'm sure according to the global warming nuts, thigns are getting colder because of global warming.

I wish there was more global warming as I wouldn't be so cold and I could drive my mustang all year long instead of putting it away for the winter.

Thoughts: I just have one question

Where the hell were all these teachers when I was in highschool? There were probably 3 or 4 teachers while I was in highschool I wouldn't have said no to.

Sports: Hot Stove update

So much for the Manny for Vasquez trade. He just got shipped to the White Sox for El Duque and Chris Young. I didn't really expect the White Sox to get Vasquez so I am kind of shocked to see trade go down. This just might make the White Sox the favorites to win the AL Central and put them back into the World Series if he can pitch like he is capable.

I don't understand this either, why would Billy Beane trade for Milton Bradley. Bradley is a good player, but he is a head case. He is the last player I'd want the Redsox to pick up as he will be bad for the locker room.

I'm still waiting till I can post the 3 way trade netting the Mets Manny Ramirez and the Redsox getting Miguel Tejada.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sports: Baseball rumors

Who's on first? Well if you are the Yankees you want Nomar to play first. Who could have imagined a team of Nomar, Jeter, and Arod 3 or 4 years ago? 3 or 4 years ago we were all arguing who was the best shortstop out of the three. The general consensus, at least in my opinion, was Arod, Nomar and Jeter in a distant 3rd. I guess we were all wrong, seeing as Jeter is the only one out of the three still playing short. I want the best for Nomar, but I don't want to see him playing for the Yankees next year.

Maybe the Redsox will get Miguel Tejada after all. One catch. They will be trading Manny to the Mets for Miguel Tejada instead of the Orioles. There are reports out saying the Mets may trade for Tejada in the hopes of then trading him to the Redsox for Manny. That sounds good to me. But again I don't think this will happen either. Omar Minaya's dream is to get Manny for some unknown reason. Well because he can still mash the ball like no other. If this 3 way trade can be pulled off I'd be in heaven.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Thoughts: Countdown to Justice

It is only a matter of hours and minutes now until Tookie Williams is executed. This is only about 24 years late.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to block the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams, rejecting the notion that the founder of the murderous Crips gang had atoned for his crimes and found redemption on death row. With a federal court refusing to grant a reprieve, Williams, 51, was set to die by injection at San Quentin Prison early Tuesday for murdering four people during two 1979 holdups.

Williams' case became one of the nation's biggest death-row cause celebres in decades. It set off a nationwide debate over the possibility of redemption on death row, with Hollywood stars and capital punishment foes arguing that Williams had made amends by writing children's books about the dangers of gangs.

But Schwarzenegger suggested Monday that Williams' supposed change of heart was not genuine, noting that the inmate had not owned up to his crimes or shown any real remorse for the countless killings committed by the Crips.

"Is Williams' redemption complete and sincere, or is it just a hollow promise?" Schwarzenegger wrote less than 12 hours before the execution. "Without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings, there can be no redemption."

Williams' supporters were disappointed with the governor's refusal to commute the death sentence to life in prison without parole.

"The governor's 96-hour wait to give an answer was a cowardly act and was tortuous," said former "M A S H" star Mike Farrell, a death penalty opponent. "I would suggest that had he the courage of his convictions he could have gone over to San Quentin and met with Stanley Williams himself and made a determination rather than letting his staff legal adviser write this garbage."

Williams stood to become the 12th person executed in California since lawmakers reinstated the death penalty in 1977.

Die mother fucker. DIE!

Sports: Hot Stove Update

Redsox addition

This would be a dream come true. The Rocket might be returning home to Boston. The Redsox have expressed interest now that he is a free agent. I'm sure every team in baseball is expressing interest in him. But in my opinion there are only 5 options for the Rocket. Sign with the Redsox, Yankees, Rangers, wait till May 1st to sign with the Astros, or finally retire after pitching in the World Cup of Baseball. I would love to see Roger finish what he started and finally win a World Series with the Redsox in 2006, but I doubt this will happen. My guess is he pitches in the World Classic then resigns with the Astros after May 1st.

First he wants a trade now Tejada denies wanting a trade. I guess saying you want a change of scenery doesn't mean at a different place. He is using the Clinton defense, what does scenery mean. All this means is Tejada doesn't want to sound like the bad guy. We all know he wants a trade, but he doesn't want to see like a TO who comes out and bad mouths his team and ownership. I would love to trade for Tejada, but that isn't going to happen either.

So now we are going to have to go out and sign Alex Gonzalez to play short. Which will be a good 1 or 2 year fit as he plays a gold glove caliber defense.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Thoughts: Bill Clinton the hypocrit, once again

Are you surprised? I'm not.

Bill Clinton blasted Bush for not signing the Kyoto Protocal. Last time I checked neither did you Mr. President.

If the Kyoto Protocal is so important, why didn't you promote it during your Presidency? Why didn't you sign it so America could safe the world from our evil poluting ways.

Why, because you know it will damage our economy with barely helping the environment. You know, Bush knows it, everyone knows. The only difference is the environmental wackos want to damage our economy.

Thoughts: Typical Liberalism

It's not my fault I said something stupid, It is his fault for telling people I said something stupid.

Does that make sense? Absolutely not.

But are you surprised that is John Kerry's attitude over calling the US troops terrorists in Iraq?

Failed presidential candidate John Kerry blamed top conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh Friday morning for the uproar over his claim that U.S. troops were terrorizing Iraqi women and children.

"You know, the only people who are trying to make anything out of that, to be honest with you, are Rush Limbaugh and a few people on the right," Kerry told radio host Don Imus.

On Sunday Kerry told CBS's "Face the Nation" that there was "no reason ... that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the - of - the historical customs, religious customs - Iraqis should be doing that."

Saying the US troops have no right to terrorizes women and children in Iraq isn't calling our troops terrorists, I don't know what it is. I guess we aren't allowed to quote liberals.

When liberals make moronic comments we are going to criticize them.

John Kerry? How about you own up to what you say and believe? Tell the American people this is what you believe. You think the troops are no better than terrorists. You think that American is evil, more evil than Saddam Hussien ever was. We cause all the problems in the world. Just come out and say it, maybe then you won't be so uptight.

We know your base would love you for it. The American people, well that is a different story.

Thoughts: I think this is going to happen a lot in the coming months

In my opinion it is only a matter of time until Howard Dean is forced to step down as the chairman of the Democratic Party. One Democrat has already came out and told Howard Dean to shut up.
North Dakota Rep. Earl Pomeroy is accusing Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean of overstepping his bounds, saying the former presidential candidate should not give up on the war in Iraq.

On Monday, Dean likened the war in Iraq to Vietnam and said, "The idea that the United States is going to win the war in Iraq is just plain wrong."

"My words to Howard Dean are simple - shut up," Pomeroy told WDAY Radio in North Dakota on Thursday.

Pomeroy later told the Associated Press that he is tired "of the overblown rhetoric on both sides."

"We have young men and women with their lives on the line," he added. "The debate has fallen far short of what they deserve."

Pomeroy said Dean wasn't representing Democrats like him when he discussed the war.

"He is not hired to make major policy announcements on behalf of all the Democrats," Pomeroy said. "As our party chairman I believe he needs to focus on the nuts and bolts of winning elections."

Rep Pomeroy knows Democrats will not get elected while the Democratic Chairman is spewing anti-American rhetoric like Howard Dean has been doing.

Pomeroy is wrong about one thing, I think the Chairmen of the parties are there to set agendas< to a certain extent, of the Parties. Howard Dean epitimises the base of the Democratic party. That is who they are and what they believe in.

I hope more prominent Democrats come out and denounce Howard Dean. As much as I want the top Democrats to spew there hate, as it is good for Republicans, I'd rather see the Democratic Party move back to the center and away from the far left.

Thoughts: New Republican Campaign

I think this will be one of the best advertisements the GOP has done in a long time. With all the anti-war, unamerican, and unpatriotic rhetoric they have been spewing, the GOP has planned a white-flag Democratic ad campaign.

Repeat and Defeat, that is the Democratic way.

Can't wait to here the Dems whine and complain about this one.

You can watch the video at

Sports: Dream come true?

Who is the best short stop in baseball? Now that A-rod is a 3rd baseman, I'd have to go with Tejada.

Guess who wants out of Baltimore now? Miguel Tejada.

Now how about a Manny of Tejada swap of head cases?

This sounds like a dream come true.

There is probably less than 0% chance of this happening, but Redsox fans, like myself, can dream. Tejada would fill the hole we are missing at short. Excellent defense and a very proven bat to protect David Ortiz.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Thoughts: This is why Israel needs to bomb Iran

If and before they become nuclear capable.

The Iranni President thinks Israel should move its country to Europe.
Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that if Germany and Austria feel responsible for massacring Jews during World War II, a state of Israel should be established on their soil. Ahmadinejad, who sparked an international outcry in October when he said Israel "must be wiped off the map", also repeated his view Thursday that the Jewish state was a "tumour".

"Now that you believe the Jews were oppressed, why should the Palestinian Muslims have to pay the price?" the hardline president asked in an interview with Iran's Arabic-language satellite channel, Al-Alam.

"Why did you come to give a piece of Islamic land and the territory of the Palestinian people to them?

"You oppressed them, so give a part of Europe to the Zionist regime so they can establish any government they want. We would support it," he said, according to a transcript of his original Farsi-language comments given to AFP.

"So, Germany and Austria, come and give one, two or any number of your provinces to the Zionist regime so they can create a country there which all of Europe will support and the problem will be solved at its root," he said.

"Why do they insist on imposing themselves on other powers and creating a tumour so there is always tension and conflict?"

Al-Alam said Ahmadinejad was speaking in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia where he was attending a two-day meeting of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference that opened Wednesday.

"Is it not true that European countries insist that they committed a Jewish genocide? They say that Hitler burned millions of Jews in furnaces ... and exiled them," Ahmadinejad told Al-Alam.

"Then because the Jews have been oppressed during the Second World War, therefore they (the Europeans) have to support the occupying regime of Qods (Jerusalem). We do not accept this," he said.

He also noted that European countries "believe in this so much and are so determined that any researcher who denies it (the Holocaust) with historical evidence is dealt with in a most harsh way and sent to prison."

The Holocaust was Nazi Germany's systematic slaughter of an estimated six million Jews between 1933 and 1945, mainly in the latter years of World War II.

Official Iranian media frequently carry sympathetic interviews with Holocaust revisionist historians -- who attempt to establish that the number of Jews killed by the Nazis was wildly exaggerated.

Iran refuses to recognise Israel.

Well I refuse to recognise Iran, or any other country with a tyranical dictator at its helm.

I've said on numerous accations that Islamic fascist will not be happy until there is no Israel. They don't want peace, they don't want cooperation, they want Israel gone.

As long as this is what they want, they can not be trusted.

Thoughts: What a bad trade

Redsox have traded Edger Renteria for a prospect, Andy Marte with the Braves.

I do not like this trade one bit. Who are the Redsox planning on playing short this year? We traded away Hanley Rameriz. Maybe Dustin Pedria will step in and play short? I really don't know.

Sure Renteria had an off year last year, but he is an extremly solid player. I think the Redsox gave up on him too early.

Sports: Hot Stove Update

Wow...a lot to go through today.

I guess there will be no Manny for Soriona trade with the Rangers. They traded their second baseman to the Nationals for Brad Wilkenson. Again I think this works for both teams. The Rangers wanted Soriono to try out the outfield and he was unwilling and Brad Wilkenson has the talent, but I think just needs a change on scenery. Plus he will be protected by the tons of talent Texas has in their line up. I think Frank Robinson can handle Soriono better than most managers too.

Blue Jays are really trying to push them selves into the front of the AL East. They added another bat for the middle of their line up in Lyle Overbay. Good for the Blue Jays. The Blue Jays will be one tough opponent next year for both the Yankees and Redsox, as well with the rest of the American League. This is bad for baseball, rating wise, if the Redsox and Yankees don't make it into the play offs. So hopefully they can just knock off the Yankees and the Redsox can win the Al East.

The ageless wonder, Jamie Moyer, has resigned with the Mariners. Here is a guy I wish the Redsox never traded. He has been good ever since they traded him to the Mariners. I am happy to see him resign with Seattle and hope they can compete in the AL West this year.

I was hoping the Redsox could make a big at Trevor Hoffman, but in the end much like I thought, he stayed with the Padres. I think he could have got more money else where, especially with that AJ Burnet, BJ Ryan, and Billy Wagner got this year.

Indians resigned their closer too. Bob Wickman signed a 1 year deal with the Indians for $5 million. Wickman was one of the best closer in 2005 in the American League. He tied for the AL lead in saves with 45. Good for the Indians, who I think will win the Central Division against the White Sox and Twins this year. I thought they would win the Central last year too, but as we all saw, I was wrong.

I really don't remember this many trades last year. Maybe because there was more free agent options or something. But I am liking all these trades that have been made.

When ever the Braves trade for pitchers you know they will end up being stars, just the way they operate. So we will have to see what happens to the two pitchers they received from the Diamonbacks for catcher Johnny Estrada.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Thoughts: When liberals attack

It is even better when they attack their own kind, especially Hillary Clinton. No they didn't pie her, but her liberal wacko base did heckler her.
It takes a pretty motivating person to get 4,000 high school and college students up bright and early on a Saturday. In Chicago, Senator and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton did just that.

But her visit was not entirely without controversy.

Protesters interrupted her several times as she gave a keynote speech at Roosevelt University.

They demanded the senator join in a call to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq.
I find this pretty funny, she is killing her own chances to run for President in 2008 because she is not pandering to her base. Hillary is one of the most liberal Senators in the Senate. But she has been trying to move to the right, even though I don't believe one word of it, to hopefully win the Presidency.

She knows, more than any other Democrat, liberals don't win national elections. I am loving the fact that the Democrats are moving more and more to the left. It is making it easier for Republicans to get elected into office.

The American people aren't for anything the extreme left is for. We don't want higher taxes, more government regulations, we don't want to cut, run, and surrender in Iraq. As long as the Democrats are being lead by the extremists in there party.

Thoughts: Bin Ladin still in charge?

Well according to al Zawahri Bin Ladin is still leading al Qaeda in Iraq.
Al Qaeda's leader Osama bin Laden is still alive and leading a holy war against the West, the group's deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri said in an Internet video on Wednesday,

"Al Qaeda for holy war is still, thanks to God, a base for jihad (holy war). Its prince Sheikh Osama bin Laden, may God protect him, is still leading its jihad," Zawahri said in a video posted on a Web site frequently used by militants.

"I bring a message of joy to all Muslims and mujahideen that al Qaeda, thanks to God, is spreading and expanding and strengthening," he said.

I bring a message from America, "Soon you will all be dead."

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sports: Hot Stove Update

I feel bad for the Dodgers and all their fans. They just signed Grady Little to a two year deal. Now when you talk about awful managers he takes the cake. For every one not a Redsox fan, he was the asshole who left Pedro in an innings too long in 2003 against the Yankees. Every one could see Pedro had nothing left in him in the 7th, why in the world he left him in to start the 8th is beyond me. If only we could have won game 7 in the ALCS in 2003, we might have been able to break the curse a year early. Good luck Dodgers.

I was hoping the Redsox would a way to deal for Sean Casey, but it seems like the Pirates made a trade for the first baseman. Especially now that Olerud says he is retiring we could have used a solid lefty first baseman. This is a good trade for the Pirates, as they already have pretty decent pitchers and could semi compete next year if they can pick up another decent bat.

People keep on asking me if I think Clemens will pitch next year. Of course he says if he has to choose right now a he would retire. While saying that Garner is preparing for live with out Roger. But I don't think Garner will have to see what life with out Roger is like. I don't believe he will retire. How can he? If he had some actual run support this year he would have won the Cy Young. I have no question about that. Clemens will be his old dominant self in 2006 and you heard it here first.

Sports: Hot Stove Update

Not much in the form of news today, but what news is out there is very big.

The Blue Jays land another top free agent pitcher in AJ Burnett. Of course the Blue Jays are over paying, especially for someone who has never won more than 12 games in a season. But if you are the Blue Jays you have to over pay to attract free agents to come play for you. They just gave BJ Ryan a 5 year deal and now they gave AJ Burnett 5 years $55 million.

AJ Burnett might be the best pitcher on the market right now, but he is not a $55 million pitcher. I think the Blue Jays are going to regret this signing after a few years of only winning half his games.

With this signing the Blue Jays also signed their GM, JP Riccardi to a 3 year extention. I hope the Blue Jays can start competing with the Redsox and Yankees, but I don't think this is the way to do it. Over paying unproved players like Ryan and Burnett will hurt a team far more than it will help.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Thoughts: Anti-American Left

I hate this, but I love it politically. The left is unpatriotic. Anyone who says the US CAN NOT win the war in Iraq is unpatriotic and I will say he is a traitor.

Howard Dean is a traitor plain and simple.
Saying the "idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong," Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean predicted today that the Democratic Party will come together on a proposal to withdraw National Guard and Reserve troops immediately, and all US forces within two years.

Dean made his comments in an interview on WOAI Radio in San Antonio.

"I've seen this before in my life. This is the same situation we had in Vietnam. Everybody then kept saying, 'just another year, just stay the course, we'll have a victory.' Well, we didn't have a victory, and this policy cost the lives of an additional 25,000 troops because we were too stubborn to recognize what was happening."

Dean says the Democrat position on the war is 'coalescing,' and is likely to include several proposals.

"I think we need a strategic redeployment over a period of two years," Dean said. "Bring the 80,000 National Guard and Reserve troops home immediately. They don't belong in a conflict like this anyway. We ought to have a redeployment to Afghanistan of 20,000 troops, we don't have enough troops to do the job there and its a place where we are welcome. And we need a force in the Middle East, not in Iraq but in a friendly neighboring country to fight (terrorist leader Musab) Zarqawi, who came to Iraq after this invasion. We've got to get the target off the backs of American troops.

I want to see this played on the main stream media, but of course it won't be. It is sad that politicians like Dean will put the lifes of our men and women fighting over Iraq on the line just to score a few points politically.

Imagine you are a terrorists and you hear Howard Dean's comments. Remember this is coming from the supposable head of one of the major political parties in American. What would you think?

The terrorists will think if I can only last a little bit longer the Americans will cut and run and I'll win. If that same terrorists heard over and over again that America is determined to hunt down and kill every terrorist and won't stop until the terror networks are destroyed, what would you think then if you were a terrorists?

You'd think, oh shit I'm fucked.

I've asked this question many times, but which side is actually concerned about the safety of America? Which side will fight when we are attacked?

When the mid term elections in 2006 come, these comments are going to be played over and over again. When people go into the election booth the people will decide who is better able to protect America. And America will choose the RIGHT side.

Thoughts: Time to stop Iran

Country that are ruled by tyrants should not be allowed to develop nukes. There is no logical reason why any country could support a nation like Iran. Iran is believed to being very close to having nuclear capabilities.

IAEA chairman Muhammad ElBaradei on Monday confirmed Israel's assessment that Iran is only a few months away from creating an atomic bomb.

If Teheran indeed resumed its uranium enrichment in other plants, as threatened, it will take it only "a few months" to produce a nuclear bomb, El-Baradei told The Independent.

On the other hand, he warned, any attempt to resolve the crisis by non-diplomatic means would "open a Pandora's box. There would be efforts to isolate Iran; Iran would retaliate; and at the end of the day you have to go back to the negotiating table to find the solution."

If we don't stop them someone has to. And that someone is Benjamin Netanyahu.

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in remarks published Monday that he would support a pre-emptive strike against Iran's nuclear program. Netanyahu's comments, made in the heat of a campaign for leadership of the hardline Likud Party, drew criticism from rivals, who accused him of playing politics with the country's security. Iranian leaders brushed off the threat, warning that an attack "will have a lot of consequences."

Israeli leaders have long identified Iran as the nation's biggest threat. Israel accuses Tehran of supporting Palestinian militant groups and rejects Iran's claim that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said in October that Israel must be "wiped off the map."

Iran's announcement Monday that it plans to build a second nuclear power plant _ along with a deadly suicide bombing the same day by the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad group in the central town of Netanya _ is likely to heighten Israel's concerns.

While Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says the world cannot accept a nuclear Iran, he contends that diplomacy remains the first line of defense. He has not said what should be done if diplomacy fails.

Netanyahu gets it while Ariel Sharon doesn't. You can't negociate with terrorist thugs. The only thing they respond to is violence. A show of force is the only thing that will stop these savages. Please Mr. Iran, please don't make nukes. That just isn't going to cut it.

Israel in the past bombed countries around them who are trying to develop nukes. As they should. If any non democracized Islamic country develops nukes that will spell the end to Israel as we know it. I have no doubt in my mind that those barbaric savages will turn and use nukes on the Jews.

The islamofascists have stated on many occasions that the only good Jew is a dead Jew. There goal in life is to push Israel off the map. We as Americans should do what ever we can to support Israel as they are the only free nation in the area full of tyrants. Once Iraq is fully democratized this will change, as we will have another ally in an otherwise destructive and useless area.

Which is one of the reasons why the war on Iraq is so crucial not only to our security but to our allies, especially Isreal. People don't understand how these people are. These savages are like the school bullies. Idle threats and persuasion didn't work with them and neither will it work with the terrorists. The only thing that works is force. Punch a bully in the face and more times than not he will cower away. But by not sticking up for yourself he will just intensify his assault on you.

Thoughts: About time Bush speaks up on Economy

If you listen to all the liberals out there, you'd think things are worse than the Great Depression. You'd think everyone was looking for work and people were lining up in soup lines. But like always, they lie. What the liberals say couldn't be further from the truth.

The truth is the economy is booming, and finally Bush is bragging about it.
President George W. Bush will point to faster-than-expected growth and other positive economic news on Monday in a speech he hopes will help convince Americans the economic outlook is rosier than they think.

Bush, whose approval ratings are at all-time lows, faces public pessimism over the economy and questions from some commentators over whether the U.S. economy is fundamentally sound, given a soaring budget deficit and a trade deficit with China that is heading for $200 billion for the year.

He plans to seize on recent good economic news as evidence that the underpinning of the economy is strong when he speaks at 1.15 EST (1815 GMT) at a construction machinery plant in Kernersville, North Carolina, White House officials said.

"The president is going to directly address how throughout our history American workers have been told that our best days were behind us," White House spokesman Trent Duffy said.

"Each and every time the American workers have risen to the challenges and made the U.S. economy the envy of the world," Duffy said.

Bush has trumpeted news of a 215,000 jump in November jobs as evidence there is "every reason to be optimistic about our economic future." But Allan Hubbard, Bush's top economic adviser, acknowledged on Friday there was a "disconnect" between numbers like the jobs figure and how Americans feel.

White House officials said Bush would state that the economy has rebounded well from twin hurricanes that caused a jump in gasoline prices and underscore the importance of opening foreign markets to U.S. products and workers.

After figures last week showed the economy grew at a brisk 4.3 percent in the third quarter, the White House bumped up its projection for 2005 gross domestic product growth to 3.5 percent from a mid-year forecast of 3.4 percent
If this isn't a good economy I don't know what is. Our unemployment is lower than it has been in the longest time. The latest figure I heard was 5%. That is pretty damn good. More people own houses now than at any time in our history. Sure things could be better, but they are pretty damn good and Bush needs to go out there and say so.

This is one of my biggest complaints about Bush, he doesn't go out and tell the people how things are.
An ABC/Washington Post poll taken in the month ended Nov. 13 showed 64 percent of Americans described the economy as poor or not so good, with only 36 percent judging it to be good or excellent.
If he did, this wouldn't be the case. The only financial news anyone hears is from the liberals. Who wants everyone to belief things are bad.

If Bush came out more, like Reagan used to, and went over the medias head and straight to the people the polls would be totally different.

Sports: Keep on spending

I wonder how much this is killing George Steinbrenner, reportedly the Yankees lost $50-85 million in 2005.

The New York Yankees lost between $50 million and $85 million for the 2005 season, the New York Daily News reported Sunday.

Despite drawing more than four million fans, a payroll of $200 million plus an additional $110 million in revenue sharing and luxury taxes has left the Yankees in the red, according to the paper.

"Yes, even George has his limits," one source told the Daily News.

The paper also reports that the Yankees might have to open up their checkbooks even further if a consultant hired by MLB decides the team undervalued their television rights.

I'm loving this, maybe there is a limit to what he will spend.

The Yankees currently charge the YES Network about $60 million a year to broadcast games, but if it's found to be undervalued, the Yankees will have to make up the difference by putting more money into the revenue-sharing fund, the paper reported.

"They're going to owe us money," one MLB source predicted to the paper.

The final numbers won't be crunched for a few months, but it's believed the final number will be roughly $80 million when all is tallied. According to Forbes magazine, the Yankees lost $37.1 million in 2004.

So now he will owe MLB more money, maybe its time for the Yankees to sell their players and try and recuperate some of the losses.

The best part of this is, they still haven't won a World Series since 2000. 5 years Yankee fans...That must be very traumatic for all of you.

Sports: Hot Stove update

Mets got another peace of their puzzle by trading for Paul L oduca for two prospects. It is going to be hard to pick the Braves this year to win the NL East with the Mets picking up everyone and their mom this offseason. The Mets are defiantly the winners of this offseason. If the Braves weren't the Braves and didn't win the division 14 straight years I'd be picking the Mets this year.

The White Sox have stocked up this off season with the Jim Thome signing and resigning Paul Konorko. But the Indians, who already have one of the best line ups in baseball, are trying to stock up on pitching. They just inked Paul Byrd for two years. While he isn't a number 1 starter, I do think he makes a very strong number 3 or a weak number 2. He doesn't throw hard, but he throws efficiently and effectively. I think this is a good signing for the Indians but I don't think he is worth $7+ million a year.

The overspending this offseason has continued. The Dodgers are going to give Rafeal Furcal $13 million a year making him the 2nd highest paid short stop in baseball. However I don't think he is the 2nd best shortstop in baseball. The Dodgers can afford to over spend like this and still make money so it won't be a problem for them, but all this over spending is killing the small market teams. Good signing for the Dodgers and a huge loss for the Braves.

Hopefully the Mets aren't this stupid. Reports are indicating they are interested in Sammy Sosa. If this is true, I'd make them the automatic losers in the off season. Sosa is washed up and a cancer. No team in baseball should even be thinking of signing him. He just can't hack it in baseball anymore. I could see if he still played decently in the outfield you could live with his not so great bat anymore. But he can't even do that anymore. Please Mets, don't sign Sosa, leave that to the Yankees.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Thoughts: Many years too late

John Bolton, who has been the best UN ambasador in my recent memory, has told the UN either reform or we will go elsewhere. About fucking time.

John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has laid it on the line: Reform or we'll take our business elsewhere.

According to today's Washington Post, Bolton warned the controversial international organization that the U.S. might bypass it in dealing with thorny global problems if the U.N. is unable to make management changes that will make the world body more effective and prevent a recurrence of the kind of corruption revealed in the scandal-ridden Oil-for-Food program.

Bolton told reporters the General Assembly has "essentially not made progress" since President Bush and other world leaders convened a U.N. summit in September to endorse a platform of changes, including proposals to increase scrutiny of spending practices and to create a human rights council that would exclude such rights abusers as Sudan, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zimbabwe all of whom have served on the Council

As far as I'm concerned the UN is worthless, has been for a while now, and will continue to be useless while they have dictators runnign things.
He warned that continued resistance to reforms in the U.N. would drive the American public away from the United Nations. "Americans are a very practical people, and they don't view the U.N. through theological lenses," Bolton said. "They look at it as a competitor in the marketplace for global problem-solving, and if it's successful at solving problems, they'll be inclined to use it. If it's not successful at solving problems, they'll say, 'Are there other institutions?'"
Too late the American public already hates the UN.

Sports: World Classic Baseball

I am really looking forward to this. It won't be as good as MLB baseball, but it is still pro ball. Barry Bonds has agreed to play, he should draw a good crowd himself alone. I've also heard that Roger Clemens wants to pitch for the United States too. I have no doubt there will be plenty of American born players ready and willing to play when the times comes.

I would love to see a USA versus Cuba, who has confirmed they will play, in the finals. Castro is and will always be a baseball fan until he finally dies. I would love nothing more than for US to beat them in the finals.

Not quite 1980 Miracle on Ice, but it is always nice to see capitalism beat communism.

Thoughts: Calafornia is a quagmire

We must pull out. In 2004 there were more than 2.5 times the murders in CA than there were deaths in Iraq. Using the democrats theory, wouldn't that make CA more of a failure than Iraq?
Recently released crime statistics show the homicide rate in California is 265 percent higher than the death rate suffered by U.S. and British military personnel in Iraq.

According to the report "Crime in California 2004," compiled by California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, there were 2,394 reported homicides in the Golden State last year. That compares with 905 deaths of coalition forces in Iraq, chiefly Americans and Brits, during the same time period.

Doesn't? Come on Murtha, please tell me how the Calafornia people must be broke and worn out.

Every death in CA or Iraq is tragic. But if you put the numbers into check, the 2000+ US service men and women we lost over Iraq pales to other numbers. We loose more people a year in CA alone than we have in the Iraq war.

Iraq is and will never be a failure. This war will go down as one of the most sucessful wars in history.

Thoughts: Once again

Russia is dealing with our enemies. How many times can one of our "allies" deal with our enemies until we clal them on it? Russia, along with France, Germany, and basically every other country against the war in Iraq, have been selling weopons to countries that oppose freedom through out the world.

This is just unacceptable.
Russia has signed a deal with Iran to sell 29 of its Tor M-1 anti-missile systems, a development that will complicate any planned pre-emptive attack on the rogue nation's nuclear facilities, reports Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The system would theoretically permit Iran to intercept some cruise missiles as well as airborne missiles that U.S., Israeli or other western countries might use in an effort to keep the terrorist-supporting nation from developing nuclear weapons or using them.

The sale was confirmed by a source at the Koupol military factory in Russia who claimed the deal would not violate any international agreement. That's because Moscow made a secret 1995 agreement with Washington known as the Gore-Chernomyrdin protocol, which Russian officials believes permits continued military sales to Iran.

Russian sources say the Tor system is "a weapon of defense" and does not represent a danger to the U.S. as long as Washington does not attack Iran.

There is no excuse for countries that deal with tyrants and thugs like Iran.

Like President Bush said, either you are with us or you are against us. As far as I'm concerned right now Russia is against us. I am not calling for an all out war against Russia, as that isn't needed. But we need to sanction them and stop trading with them until they stop dealing with countries who support terrorism.

Thoughts: This is just sad

It is sad to see what the modern Democratic Party has become. A once great party has fallen into despair. In the latest Fox News Poll a majority of Democrats think the world would be better off with Saddam in power. How can a sane person actually believe that?

Democrats have given Saddam Hussein a shocking vote of confidence in the latest Fox News Opinion Dynamics survey, with a solid plurality saying the world would be better off if the Butcher of Baghdad was still in power.

Forty-one percent of Democrats gave Saddam a thumbs up, while just 34 percent said Iraq is better served with the murderous dictator gone, reports the New York Post.

This is just plain sad. How is the world better off with a murderous dictator thug? Can anyone please tell me how?

I'm sure all the people Saddam raped, murdered, and pillaged will agree with the Democrats that they were better off with him in power. Aren't the Democrats supposed to be for freedom? When did they turn into the party who was against freedom?

Actually I take that back, they are just against freedom when a Republican is in office.

Sports: Hot Stove Update

Reliever have been getting big contracts this off season, I'm surprised after seeing how much the Cubs signed their two new relievers for that Tim Worrell signed for 2 years $4 million with the Giants. He has, in the past, had closer stuff. If Bonds can come back and be healthy the Giants will definitely be the favorites to win their pitiful division.

I like this signing, because now the Redsox won't have to worry about Flash Gordon pitching for the Yankees anymore. He signed with the Phillies to replace Billy Wagner as their closer. Gordon is a good pitcher but he is no Wagner.

Yesterday I read a report that the Yankees signed Kyle Farnsworth, but now it seems that the Rangers have joined in the hunt for Farnsworth. I hope the Rangers sign him, I want the Yankees bulpen to be horrendous this year. Farnsworth will be a good fit on any team he signs with, but he will have no chance to close on either team.

Marlins have continued their yard sale by trading Luis Castillo to the Twins for two pitchers. I don't blame for the Marlins for doing what they are doing. They did it after they won the World Series in the 90's and rebuilt to win the World Series again in 03. If the fans down there supported the team more, they wouldn't have to do this, but since they don't they have to. With all these prospects they are picking up, I have no doubt they will be competitive again in 2 or 3 years.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thoughts: And I thought this was going to be important

Two of our American allies in Iraq are set to withdraw their troops from Iraq.
Two of America's allies in Iraq are withdrawing forces this month and a half-dozen others are debating possible pullouts or reductions, increasing pressure on Washington as calls mount to bring home U.S. troops.

Bulgaria and Ukraine will begin withdrawing their combined 1,250 troops by mid-December. If Australia, Britain, Italy, Japan, Poland and South Korea reduce or recall their personnel, more than half of the non-American forces in Iraq could be gone by next summer.

Japan and South Korea help with reconstruction, but Britain and Australia provide substantial support forces and Italy and Poland train Iraqi troops and police. Their exodus would deal a blow to American efforts to prepare Iraqis to take over the most dangerous peacekeeping tasks and craft an eventual U.S. exit strategy.

Oh no! Bulgaria and Ukraine are pulling out of Iraq, the war is over. Who cares what two little piss ant country do anyways. I'm sure the media will play this up and say how much of a mistake this war was and how much of a tyrant Bush is.

This would can't rely on countries like those to protect the freedom of the world. Countries like American, Britain, and Australia are the only countries we can rely on to protect the world from itself.

Sports: Konorko's signing good for the Redsox?

Well if you want to trade Manny it is good for the Redsox. Both the Angels and Mets were and are looking for a big bat in the middle of their order and Manny fits that criteria.
Now that free agent slugger Paul Konerko has eluded the Angels’ grasp, the team has intensified talks with the Red Sox for a trade that would bring Manny Ramirez to Anaheim.
After Konerko signed a five-year, $60 million deal to return to the White Sox yesterday, there were strong indications from Yawkey Way that the Red Sox were focusing on what package of players to seek from the prospect-rich Angels in return for Ramirez. That does not mean that a deal is close or even certain, but it could rapidly gain momentum with the winter meetings set to begin in less than a week.

The Angels are believed to be the No. 1 choice for Ramirez, although the Mariners and Mets meet his approval as well. The Angels, meanwhile, have plenty of reasons to pursue Ramirez. Providing protection for Vladimir Guerrero in the heart of the lineup is why the Angels were in search of a big bat.

The Angels will have to give up a fair amount of talent to obtain Ramirez. Right-hander Ervin Santana is on the Red Sox’ wish list, but earlier this offseason they were told he is not available. Other players of potential interest to the Red Sox are first baseman Casey Kotchman, switch-hitting Kendry Morales, who can play first and the outfield, and second baseman Howie Kendrick.

If we Could get Irvin Santana and a few of their prospects I'd jump all over that deal. He shut down the Redsox a few times this year and is a hell of a pitcher and I think has a hell of a future in baseball.

As for the Mets, the only player I'd take for Manny is David Wright. But there is NO WAY the Mets would trade him for Manny.

Sports: Colts debate

This debate may all be academic, but if the Colts have the division wrapped up and home field advantage wrapped up, should they rest their players in hopes of winning the Super Bowl?

If the Colts are 15-0 going into their last game in Arizona there is no way they should rest their players. I'm sure all the players would want to play and win. An undefeated record would be historic and I don't know any player who would not want to be apart of such a great season.

I hear the argument, but what if a player gets hurt? Peyton could take a hard sack and dislocate his shoulder, or James could get tackled and break an ankle. Or they could wake up step out of bed and fall down the stairs. Anything could happen, but I don't think any players goes to the game and says "I think I'll get hurt today." It just doesn't happen.

I've never been a fan of resting players anyways, I think it makes them rusty. They will already have a bye in the play offs and will have rust from that. Taking off another week may or may not hurt them, but every player will always think, what if. What if we did play and what if we were 16-0, then if they won the Super Bowl, 19-0.

Of course all this is academic if they don't beat Tennessee this week, Jacksonville the week after, then San Diego, Seattle, and finally Arizona. I don't think they will go undefeated. I still think they will loose to the Chargers or Seattle.

Thoughts: Nationals AIDs day

With it being Nationals AIDs day Bush has pledged to expand AIDs prevention world wide.
President Bush pledged to expand AIDS prevention programs overseas and touted efforts to manage and prevent the spread of the disease at home. In a speech in Washington Thursday marking World AIDS Day, Bush said, "we renew our commitment to turn the tide against this disease." More than 40 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS, around one million in the United States.
I'm the same liberals who are out marching and supporting AIDs awareness day will critisize Bush for politicicalizing this issue. Even though he has done more to combat AIDs than any other President in history, which isn't saying much. Because I'm sure the next President from now til we find a cure will do more than the previous.

Sports: Hot Stove Update

The Yankees are set to sign Kyle Farnsworth to a deal believed to be around $4 million a year. These are the type of players the Redsox need to be going after. This was our biggest problem last year, our relief pitching. This will be a great signing for the Yankees, especially if they loose Tom Gordon which I believe they will. I don't think he will be the great stopper that Tom Gordon has been in the past few years for the Yankees, but he is pretty good when he is on.

I was surprised when Konorko resigned with the White Sox and I am equally surprise that Brian Giles resigned with the Padres. I thought he would try and get more money from either the Redsox, Yankees, Angels, and other big market teams that were pursuing him. Good for Giles though and I hope the Padres are able to compete again this year.

Sports: Hockey is back isn't it?

I don't think I've watched a hockey game this year yet. Before the strike I watched any game I could find especially the Bruins. Maybe if the Bruins were a half way decent team I'd watch more but I am just not interested this year. That strike killed me.

Now I read today that the Bruins traded Joe Thorton to the Sharks.

I know the Bruins suck, but how can a team trade their captain?

Good thing I don't care about hockey this year otherwise I'd be pissed.