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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thoughts: Typical liberalism

In typical liberal fashion Hillary Clinton said she will take a wait and see stance on Iraq. That must take a lot of courage and strength to say you will wait and see. Oh wait it doesn't. Now Hillary can wait and see what happens, stick her finger in the air, and which ever way it blows she can say that was her position all along.

With Americans embroiled in a heated debate over the US invasion of Iraq, Senator Hillary Clinton has taken a position considerably to the right of many in her Democratic party, including that of her ex-president husband.

An early favorite to win her party's 2008 presidential nod, the former first lady was guarded in remarks Monday on the way forward in Iraq, just days after John Murtha, a pro-military former Marine in the US House, stunned the political establishment by calling for a complete US withdrawal.

Why are liberals so afraid to tell the American people how they actually feel?

Why can't they? Because like most liberals, outside of of the liberal thresholds, they will lose. Liberalism does not win elections, it is as simple as that. Hillary Clinton knows if she tells the American people how she really feels, to withdraw from Iraq, she would have even less of a chance to win the Presidency in 08 than she already has.

I am sick and tired of these ballless politicians.


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