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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thoughts: Kill all the blind and deaf?

I guess if this women had her way that is what would happen. A women is sueing her doctor because he let her life. That isn't a misprint, she is sueing now because she wasn't aborted as a child. How sick is that?
A blind and deaf Australian woman who claims she never should have been born is suing a doctor for a lifetime of suffering in the country's first "wrongful life" suit.

Alexia Harriton, 24, is seeking compensation from the doctor who misdiagnosed rubella in the first trimester of her mother's pregnancy, claiming Olga Harriton would have aborted her had she been aware of the potential birth defects arising from the illness.

Lawyers for the Sydney woman argued in Australia's highest court Thursday that Dr. Paul Stephens is liable for the costs arising from a lifetime of medical treatment that Harriton needs to survive.

This just makes me want to throw up.


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