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Monday, November 28, 2005

Thoughts: Iraq is the centerpise

If we fail in Iraq we will fail in the war on terror. Live with out Saddam is better in Iraq. But yet liberals think we are not doing a good job in Iraq and want to pull out.
The former Iraqi prime minister, Iyad Allawi, has called for immediate action against human rights abuses.

Such abuses are as bad today as they were under Saddam Hussein, Mr Allawi told Britain's Observer newspaper.

His comments come two weeks after 170 detainees were found at an interior ministry centre, some allegedly suffering from abuse and starvation.

Iraq's president dismissed Mr Allawi's allegations, saying his government did not accept the torture of prisoners.

Atleast he gets it, he knows that if we don't finish the job in Iraq everything we have done will be a complete waste.

He also warned of the danger of Iraq disintegrating in chaos.

"Iraq is the centrepiece of this region," he said. "If things go wrong, neither Europe nor the United States will be safe."


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