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Monday, November 07, 2005

Thoughts: I wish this would happen

House Republicans are urging Bush to support spending cuts. Oh how I wish Bush would come out and support this, but sadly I don't think he will.

House Republicans say President Bush must become engaged -- personally making phone calls and twisting arms -- if he wants the House to approve the $53.9 billion spending-cut plan that party leaders are struggling to shepherd through this week.
"Presidential leadership will be the deciding influence on whether the House of Representatives brings fiscal responsibility to the aftermath of Katrina," said Rep. Mike Pence, Indiana Republican and chairman of the conservative House Republican Study Committee.
"If he really wants to get the votes ... he has to get engaged in it," said Rep. Ray LaHood, Illinois Republican. He urged Mr. Bush to call congressmen to the White House to secure support for the savings bill. "He can't rely on one or two people up here to do it."

As much as I love Bush and think he is a good President, he won't be considered a great President because he isn't fiscally responsible. Bush has been fantastic with the War on Terror and supporting and getting the tax cuts to stimulate our economy. But with the tax cuts Bush should have been outspoken against cutting the federal budget.


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