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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thoughts: I hate political correctness

According to liberals we can't celebrate Christmas anymore. We have to celebrate the "holidays". But this isn't the holiday season, this is the Christmas season. As much as I respect the Jews, Hanukkah doesn't boast our economy, Christmas does. So please tell me, what is the harm of calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree?
If it's a spruce tree adorned with 10,000 lights and 5,000 ornaments displayed on the Capitol grounds in December, it's a Christmas tree and that's what it should be called, says House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

Hastert, R-Ill., in a letter to the Architect of the Capitol, recommended that the annual Capitol Holiday Tree, as it has been called the past several years, be renamed the Capitol Christmas Tree.

"I strongly urge that we return to this tradition and join the White House, countless other public institutions and millions of American families in celebrating the holiday season with a Christmas tree," Hastert wrote to Architect Alan Hantman.

His office said the tree began to be referred to as the Holiday Tree in the 1990s. Spokesman Ron Bonjean said the reasons were unclear.

On Dec. 8 Hastert will flip the switch to light the tree, a 65-foot Engelmann Spruce from the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico. On Tuesday workmen were erecting the tree on the West Front of the Capitol.

I wouldn't be surprised if liberals try to outlaw Christmas and try to force Kwanza on us. This is fucking ridiculous, I can't believe they are going this far to destroy everything Christian.

This country was founded under Judeo Christian principles, not anything else. This is a country under God and that is the way it should be.


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