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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thoughts: I give this a week and he will be outed

The head of the NCAAP of Orange County has switched parties to Republican.

For decades, Republicans have struggled to reach out to black Americans. But now in Orange County, the GOP has to reach no further than the NAACP.

As of this week, Derrick Wallace, head of Orange County's NAACP, has switched parties -- to become a Republican.

"I've thought about this for two years," Wallace said Tuesday afternoon, just a few hours after returning from the elections office. "This is not a decision I made yesterday."

It is, however, a decision that rang out like a shot among political circles.

This is political suicide. Their is no way this guy will last out the week. I guarantee you his office has been flooded with calls to hang and lynch him for being an "Uncle Tom" and selling out to the "white man".

Wallace like a lot of black people are realizing, that it is the Republicans give them oppurtunity and the Democrats don't.
Wallace, a construction-company exec, was candid about the fact that his business life was a big part of his decision to change.

"It's purely a business decision. Ninety percent of those I do business with are Republicans," he said. "Opportunities that have come to my firm have been brought by Republicans."
I applaud this guy and hope he can stay as the head of the NCAAP. And Hopefully more people think like him and have been to afraid to make the jump.


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