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Friday, November 25, 2005

Thoughts: How will the Redsox do next year?

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1) With Florida cutting salary once again, is it disappointing as a fan to see some franchises 'forced' to do so?
Disappointing for me, no, disappointing for the Marlins yes. But it is the nature of the business and if I were a Marlins fan I wouldn't be too upset about the organization. They have won 2 World Series since they became a franchise. If the fans actually supported the team they wouldn't have to sell off their players.
2) How will Josh Beckett fare with Boston in 2006, compared to 2005 in Florida (15-8, 3.38 ERA)?
I think he will have more wins, I'm predicting an 19-4 records with about the same ERA. I think Schilling will have a positive influence over Beckett, much like Schilling had a positive influence over Jon Palpelbon. I wouldn't be surprised if Beckett wins the Cy Young award in the next few years.
3) What will be Beckett's largest obstacle in switching teams and leagues?
Great pitchers don't have large obstacles when switching teams. And I think Beckett can be a great pitcher. He has shown he has the stuff he just needs to stay healthy. The only obstacle he will face is staying off the DL.
4) Which of these 2005 Red Sox starting pitchers would help the Red Sox most by going to the bullpen full-time in 2006?
Clement has to stay in the starting rotation. I can't see him going to the bulpen. I love Wake, he will and do what ever is asked of him with no complaints. I think he deserves to be in the starting rotation. So I'd have to go with Bronson Arroyo, unless he is traded.
5) How do you feel Mike Lowell impacts the Red Sox at third base?
Mike Lowell is a gold glover that will improve our defense tremendously. I hope he comes back to his 2003, 2004 form and last year was just an off year. I think he wants to earn his money and not just slack off. Maybe I'm just being a homer and a HUGE optimistic, but I think he will hit closer to his old self.
6) When will the Red Sox get back to the World Series?
As of right now, I'd say they are the favorites to go to the World Series in 2006. But a lot can happen from now till April. And a lot can happen from April to October. If the Sox can resign Damon, acquire a top notch 1st baseman, and stay healthy, then I'd say they are the favorites. But we haven't see George go on his spending spree yet and acquire a list of over priced too old ex all stars yet.
7) Which of the following best describes the Marlins acquisition of Hanley Ramirez?
I think Hanley Ramirez will be a perennial all star for the Marlins. Maybe not this year because he will be a rookie. But I wish him the best and wish we could have kept him. Chances are he will just be a steady player and nothing special, but I had big hopes for this kid and wish him the best.


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