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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thoughts: He found the human rights abuses

I think I am going to hell, because I think this is funny. A group of anti-war morons went over to Iraq to investigate all the attrocoties the US troops are committing, instead of finding abuses by the troops they get kidnapped by the terrorist scum they support.

A British aid worker who is believed to be in his 70s was among four people kidnapped in Iraq, the Foreign Office said last night.

Norman Kember, a professor who formerly worked in a London teaching hospital, was abducted with two Canadian aid workers on Saturday. An American aid worker was also believed to have been taken.

The Foreign Office said it was "setting in motion an urgent investigation".

Mr Kember's wife, Pat, said at her home in Pinner, north-west London, that she was receiving a great deal of support. She said her husband was working for a number of organisations in Iraq.

Canadian officials reported the kidnapping early on Sunday. Canada, which does not have an embassy or troops in Iraq, has been advising Canadians, including humanitarian workers, not to go to Iraq.

The missing workers are the latest among hundreds of foreigners who have been abducted in Iraq.

I know I am going to hell, because I hope all the anti-war morons over there get kidnapped. Maybe after they get kidnapped and tourtured they will see why we are fighting over there.


  • At 5:53 AM, Blogger graham old said…

    Is it any different to a US soldier being shot at by the people he/she went to liberate?! Isn't the analogy identical?

    For the record CPT (whom I have friends amongst) *did* find abuses by the troops (before the media ever got hold of it), but that's not why they went.

  • At 11:20 AM, Blogger Dave said…

    I have no doubt that a few of our troops tourture the terrorists we capture. I also think it is a small minority of people. There are sick people every where, why wouldn't there be any in the army?

    But our troops aren't sawing the heads of the "infidels" either. Which is a strong possibility to happen to these idiots that go over there.

    What the peace protestors don't understand, the terrorists don't care what any of us do, think, or say. As far as they are concerned we are all evil, every single one of us. They will saw the heads off of me, you, and these idiots too.

    And the people that are shooting at us aren't the ones we want to liberate. They are the terrorists we need to kill. Why anyone would support terrorists over American troops is beyond me.


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