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Monday, November 28, 2005

Thoughts: Damned if you do Damned if you don't

This is why I'd hate to be in the Democratic Party, If you want to run for President in 2008 a do you support or oppose the war in Iraq.

For those eyeing a presidential run in 2008, the stakes are particularly high. Any position they take is a gamble given the uncertain terrain in Iraq and the United States in three years.

"If you stake out too specific of a position this early, you may have to take that back, and you can only zig and zag so many times in American politics," said Darrell West, a political scientist at Brown University in Rhode Island.

So potential presidential candidates have stark decisions to make:

_Do they stick with President Bush's stay-the-course strategy in a war that many Americans believe is going south, and risk being dragged down as well?

_Do they present their own detailed plans to bring U.S. troops home _ and open themselves to criticism of "cutting and running?"

_Do they take the same stance they always have, and leave themselves vulnerable to claims that they failed to respond to the changing situation?

Governors and others beyond Washington considering a White House run are under less pressure to declare positions on the war because they don't have to vote on it. Nevertheless, some have been vocal.

If you support it you will alienate your base and not get the nomination. But if you oppose the war you will alienate the rest of America and not win the actual election. I still believe if the Democrats ran an actual Pro War candidate in 2004 he would have beat Bush.

We all know Hillary Clinton is not pro-war. But she has taken the pro-war stance because she knows she has to act like a Republican in order to have any chance to win the Presidency in 2008. I love it when other Democracts call her on it.

A former Green Party member who advocates an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq says he will challenge incumbent Hillary Rodham Clinton for the 2006 Democratic nomination for Senate.

"She's in favor of the war and in favor of continuing the occupation," Steven Greenfield, a professional saxophone player, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from his New Paltz home.

A senior adviser to Clinton, Howard Wolfson, declined to comment on Greenfield's declaration.

Clinton voted to give President Bush the power to go to war, and while she has been critical of his conduct of the effort she has stopped short of calling for a troop withdrawal.

Greenfield, 44, who has a degree in economics, switched to the Democratic party just last month so he could challenge Clinton. He says he likely will need 15,000 petition signatures statewide to get on next September's ballot.

In 2002, as a Green Party candidate, Greenfield challenged Democratic U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey. Greenfield got fewer than 3,000 votes to Hinchey's more than 113,000.

There is no way Greenfield can win a general election but he will cause her problems in a primary. And he will give Republicans someone to root for and quote against the evil that is Hillary.

When Hillary runs for President in 2008 this is what she will have to beat in the primary just on a bigger scale.


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