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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sports: Thanksgiving Thursday

What does that mean to me? FOOTBALL!!!!

The early game, Atlanta at Detroit, should be a good game. I'd have to say that the Falcons are the favorites to win the game but that depends on how Michael Vick plays. The Falcons have lost 2 straight even though Vick put up good numbers, but he did have some late turnovers in both games to blow the game. If the Falcons lose this game I would officially take them out of the play off race.

The game I really want to watch is the late game, Denver at Dallas. Denver is probably the favorite in this game, but I think the Cowboys are going to win. I know Jake Plummer has been playing good all year, but I still don't trust him. I see him throwing for 2 or 3 interceptions and the Cowboys winning by 2 touchdowns. Parcells has the Cowboys playing great and I think they will keep on rolling.


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