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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Sports: Thanksgiving Football

Well so far I am right, well mostly right.

The Falcons killed the Lions much like I thought they would. Falcons couldn't afford to lose this game other wise they would have been out of the play off hunt. I didn't get to watch most of the game, but when I was watching Vick and the Falcons were just manhandling the Lions. Warrick Dunn was running on command and Vick was throwing the ball well. As for the Lions, they just stunk. They are one of the most disappointing teams this year. A lot of people picked them to win their division and now they are just out of it.

Now we have the Cowboys against the Broncos. From what I've seen so far the game has been pretty even. I am right so far about Plummer, he has already thrown 1 interception on the day. If not for Bailey returning an interception for a touchdown the Cowboys would be winning.

So lets see what happens for the rest of the game now that the 2nd half just started.

Well the Cowboys just punted with a minute 48 left in the game. The Score is tied 21-21, lets see what Plummer can do here. I predict an interception in the Cowboys territory that leads to the Cowboys winning with a last second field goal.

3rd and 2 now with a minute left on the clock, lets see what can happen here. Broncos let the time run down to 55 seconds before they call a time out. The Broncos don't trust their QB either, otherwise they would have called a play right away and not worried about turning the ball over. I doubt Belicheck would restrict Brady in this situation.

After the time out, Plummer throws a bad pass that goes over the recievers head. 4th down time to punt. 50 seconds on the clock for Drew Bledsoe.

Cowboys have the ball now on the Broncos 30.

Looks like the Cowboys aren't moving the ball at all. Looks like it is going to be overtime.

Broncos got the ball to start over time and on the 2nd play in Overtime Ron Dayne runs all the way to the 7 or 8 yard line. Looks like I was wrong, Broncos are going to win.

Broncos win 24-21.


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