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Monday, November 28, 2005

Sports: Sunday football thoughts

The Patriots are just terrible this year. I really thought at the beginning of the year they had a chance of winning it all this year. Granted the Patriots will still win the AFC east and they will still make the play offs because their division, which was supposed to be the best in the NFL, happens to be the worst.

Right now they are full of injuries at every position. Their defense is just terrible, I don't think they will win 1 game in the play offs unless they start playing better and get some of their hurt players back.

Yesterdays game showed how bad they are. They played a good offensive team in the Kansas City Chiefs and just got manhandled. The game should have been more of a blow out than the 26-16 score showed. 3 or 4 times the Chiefs drove down the field like they were playing a highschool football team, but couldn't finish the job. The one good thing they can take out of this game was their redzone defense.

Brady looked pretty bad too, throwing 4 interceptions. Granted 2 or 3 of them were tipped balls that should have been caught, that is no excuse. Brady is making horrible decision right now that he shouldn't be making. Brady is supposed to be the calm and cool QB who doesn't make mistakes.

How did the Giants not win that game against the Seahawks? Oh that's right, have their field goal kicker miss 3 fieldgoals in the 2nd half/overtime. That is just unforgivable, I can understand missing a field goal over 50 yards that one of them wear. But I can't excuse a kicker missing 2 field goals under 50 yards that are game winners. That is just inexcusable. The Seahawks too advantage of the Giants mistakes and won the game. Alexander started off slow but ended with around 120 yards rushing and 1 touch down. Alexander is the best back in the game not named Tomlinson.

Can you believe that comeback the Rams made? I can't. The Texans were up 10 with under a minute left in the game and they blow it. If i were the Texans I'd kill myself now.

How about Da Bears. Their defense can't be scored on. They won again 13-10. They have given less than 20 points in 8 straight games. That is just unprecedented. If they anything resembling an offense I would already name them the Superbowl winners.

Hopefully tonight will be the Colts first loss of the year.


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