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Monday, November 14, 2005

Sports: Monday morning football fix

The Patriots did not deserve to win that games against the Dolphins. I watched the whole game, and I thought the Dolphins out played the defending Super Bowl Champs, whom I picked to three peat this year. With all their injuries I am amazed that they are even 5-4 at this point of the year specially with the schedule they have had so far. Some how yesterday the Pats squeaked out a 23-16 win yesterday. I watched the whole game and I was worried the whole entire time even at the end. When Brady came back and scored a TD to retake the lead with 2 minutes and change left all I thought was, we scored way too quick. I would have wanted the Patriots ran the ball 3 times and took off another minute or two off the clock and kicked a field goal. And just like I thought the Dolphins drove right down the field and it was 1st and goal with over a minute left. Luckily the Pats made a few good goal line stops to preserve the lead. But I really thought the game was going to overtime. Corey Dillon was out again with injuries, but I was really impressed with Lee Evans. He ran the ball well and ran it with a sense of purpose. Maybe because the Dolphins cut him a few weeks ago and he was pissed, but what ever the reason, if he could run the ball like he did yesterday, I would be happy with him as a back up to Corey Dillon.

The only other game I got to watch was the Vikings versus the Giants. Now in all accounts the Giants should have not just won this game, but blown out the Vikings. If not for special teams and some great defensive plays the Vikings would be 3-6 right now instead of 4-5 and right in the play off hunt in the weak NFC north division. For the first time in NFL history, the Vikings, returned a punt, kick off, and intercept for a touch down. If not for those 3 plays the Vikings played like crap. They couldn't move the football offensively at all. The giants were moving the ball well, but when they got in the redzone they ended up turning the ball over. Eli Manning made rookie mistakes and threw 4 interceptions. This is a game the Giants should have won and needed to win as the division leader on the NFC east.

I didn't get to watch any other games, but I saw some surprises when I watched Sportscenter last night....

How did the Packers beat the Falcons? Packers have flat out sucked this year and the Falcons are a lot of peoples pick for the Super Bowl. Guess that is the great thing about football, any team and beat any other giving team any week.

And what is with teams going for 2 when the point after would tie up the game? The Chiefs just did that last week and now Gruden and the Bucs did it this week. Both times it worked out and both teams won the game. But it worked and I love it.


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