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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sports: Manny won't return to the Redsox

Well according to David Ortiz Manny won't be back.
One of baseball's most fearsome offensive duos in 2005 — Red Sox's David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez — appears to be history. According to Ortiz, "Manny is not returning to Boston."

"Manny is living through a difficult situation (in Boston) that only he and his family know and he no longer wants to play there," said Ortiz after arriving early Monday in the Dominican Republic.

Ramirez has asked for a trade in each of his five seasons with the Red Sox, but apparently this one is definite.

"I spoke with him last week before he left for Brazil and he told me that he wants to go to a team in the West," Ortiz, the Red Sox's designated hitter, said.

Manny maybe saying that right now, but if the Redsox can't find anyone to trade with I don't know that he won't show up.

The only team that I could see taking Manny is the Yankees and there is no way those two would ever trade with each other while they are both competitive.

I know Javier Vasquez wants out of Arizona. If we could get a swap for them two and maybe a Troy Glaus I could work with that other wise I see Manny being Manny in left field for the Redsox for another year.


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