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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sports: Hot Stove update

The Mets finalized their offer to Billy Wagner. Mike and Mike in the morning is saying the offer is 3 years $30 million. I think in the end the Mets will over pay at $11 or $12 million a year for this closer.

I know the Yankees want Brian Giles, good news for them, the the Padres won't resign the slugger.

Javier Vasquez is still demanding a trade and will likely be done soon. I haven't heard any rumors about where he could end up. But I'm still sticking with my trade with the Redsox. Manny wants to play on the west coast and Vasquez wants to play on the East Coast. Makes sense to me.

The Baltimore Orioles are still trying to compete with the Redsox and Yankees. They offered BJ Ryan a 3 year $18 million contract. I think he can get more than this, but I think it is a very respectable offer. He was a great closer last year, but he doesn't have the track record of a Billy Wagner who got offered $30 million over 3 years.


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