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Friday, November 18, 2005

Sports: Hot off the Stove update

Pirates are doing what they need to do to build their franchise, they are signing their young stars to multi year contracts starting with Jason Bay. Most people probably have no clue who he is or what he did, but go look at his stats and look what he did last year. He is an extremely solid outfielder who I would have loved for the Redsox to pick up. Congrats on the Pirates for actually signing one of their players. Now hopefully the ownership is willing to sink some money into the franchise and hopefully become competitive in the next few years.

Some players I just like and respect more than other, Chipper Jones is one of those players. I love when players are willing to restructure their contracts to make the team better. Chipper won't make any less money over the length of the contract but this year he will only get $11 million instead of his scheduled $17 million he was supposed to make. Which should and will give the Braves more money to spend to pick up and sign some free agents.

The candidate I wanted to replace Theo Epstein has dropped out of the race, Dayton Moore. I thought he would have been a good fit into our system. So instead Beattie and Bowden have been called back for a 2nd interview. Sad thing is I really don't want either candidate as our next GM, but if I had to choose I'd go with Bowden. As he really didn't do a bad job with the Expos/Nationals with a limited budget.


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