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Monday, November 14, 2005

Sports: Hot off the Stove update

The Yankees and Hideki Matsui are still negotiating his contract. They are trying to agree on terms around 4 years $50 million. If I were the Yanks this would be my top priority.

This is no surprise Palmerio and Sosa are going to be looking for new jobs and I doubt either will find out. The only way either will get on a team is through a minor league deal that is incentive based.

Another former superstar will be looking for a new job too. The Cubs told Nomar to look for a new fit. Maybe he can come back to the Redsox and play 3rd. I guess you should have taken that 4 year $60 million contract! Greedy bastard!

This is a few days old, but I haven't posted it yet. Javier Vasquez has asked to be traded for the Arizona Diamondbacks. I wouldn't mind this former Yankee coming over to the Sox. Maybe the Dbacks and Redsox can work a Manny for Vasqeuz/Glaus trade.


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