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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sports: Now comes the most exciting part of baseball

The offseason!!!!

Now all the rumors and trade ideas will be flooding the internet and who which team will sign or trade away.

Now being that I'm a Sox fan, I'll start some rumors, well actually wishful thinking, of my own. This is going to be a very tough offseason for the Sox as we have a lot of holes to fill and not much talent on the free agent market to fill them all.

Our line up as I see it today is:

LF: Manny
RF: Trot Nixon/Gabe Krapler
C: Jason Varytek
1b: John Olerud/Starter
2b: Dustin Pedria
SS: Edgar Renteria
3b: Kevin Youkilis
DH: David Ortiz


Curt Schilling
David Wells
Tim Wakefield
John Palpabon
Matt Clement
Bronson Arroyo


Keith Foulke
Mike Myers
Lenny DiNardo
Craig Hansen
Manny Delcarmen
Chad Bradford
Mike Timlin

What I would like to do.

I would love to see Manny get traded, I know we won't get full value on a trade for what Manny is worth, but if we could get 75-80% of his value and 100% less "Manny being Manny" I would love it. Nothing kills me more when Manny hits a ground ball and doesn't run it out. Specially when it is a double play ball that is bobbled that he would have beat out.

I've heard rumors that he would like to go back to Cleveland or possible the Angels. I would discount Cleveland out of the equation right away as I don't think they could afford him unless we paid a healthy chunk of his salary. Which I would be totally against.

The angels have a plethora of good young talent I wouldn't mind getting my hands on, but I doubt Manny will be traded anywhere unfortunately.

I think Johnny Damon is going to sign else where, I would love to have him on the team next year, but I think he will want too many years and too much money. The max I'd be willing to go is 4 years $36-40 million. If he wants a guaranteed 5th year he can go screw. If we don't resign Damon I'm not sure who else is really out there that could fill Damon's shoes. I thought I over heard Figgins from the Angels and Rowand from the White Sox are free agents, both I wouldn't mind having on my team. If not I wouldn't mind seeing if Hanley Ramirez can play center. Tampa Bay also has an abundance of young and highly talented outfielders, I wouldn't mind taking a chance on Rocco Baldelli to play center if he is the odd man out.

John Olerud is a good defensive replacement and situational hitter for the Sox that I would love for us to have next year. But I think we need a solid first basemen to start here. I really wouldn't mind seeing David Ortiz playing 1st all year. He played decent defense in the few games I've seen him play in, including the 2004 World Series. I don't want Paul Korneko, I think he is too streaky and strikes out too much. But I don't think there are too many more options than him out there.

Our main concern, just like last year is our pitching staff. My main concern is the closer role. I don't see Foulke coming back and pitching like he did in the 04 post season. I think it is a must that we sign a Billy Wagner type closer. He would solidify our bulpen and give us much more flexibility with our relief pitching. Plus we have some options in the minors in Ave Alverez and others who I think will help the team in 06 much more than they did this year.

Our starting rotation is a cluster fuck again with way too many questions for me to take.

How will Schilling's ankle and body hold up next year? Will he be able to regain his dominance form? I am an optimist so I am assuming he will regain his form and pitch like he did for us in 2004. But even with out him we won 96 games last year.

David Wells who I despise for being a Yankee at heart has said he wants to finish his career in San Diego or he will retire. If we could package a trade to the Padres for Adam Eaton or Akinori Otsuka, I would be all for that. Maybe Wells and Shoppach for either of those that would solidify our bulpen or starting rotation. If we lose him, I'd just have Palpebon fill in his place.

Matt Clement started off the year on fire but finished up the year so bad I wouldn't even have included him in our post season roster. Hopefully his problem was something physical that the Sox can take care of in the off season. I thought I heard he might need surgery on one of his knees. Nothing serious but that could have been his problem.

But our main problem this off season is resigning Theo Epstein. I know he is holding out for more money right now, but he won us a GOD DAMN WORLD SERIES!!! PAY THE MAN!!!!


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