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Monday, September 12, 2005

Sports: Breakdown of week 1

I did horrible on my picks, hopefully I do better next week, I just embarrassed myself with my picks this week.

There were quite a few surprises and upsets in my opinion this week.

Who would have thought Miami would beat Denver? I know I didn't. A lot of people have Denver winning their division and no one has Miami doing anything this year. Miami's defense is pretty good, but I didn't think they could score 34 points.

Who the hell is Willy Parker and how did he run for 160 yards?

I have Minnesota going far into the play offs and they lost to the Bucs??? How did that happen, maybe I bought into the hype a bit too soon. I guess we will wait and see.

One of the biggest surprises to me were the Green Bay Packers, not so much that they lost, but the fact that Bret Farve didn't throw a touch down pass for like his first time EVER. And to make matters worse he killed 2 of my fantasy football teams. I had high hopes for him this year. Especially since he spent the off season with a personal trainer. I thought he was going to come into this season in great shape and light up the score boards. I know I'm going to bench him till he proves me wrong now. Oh and Javon Walker got hurt to and will probably be out for the season.

And in the biggest upset of the week, in my opinion, the 49ers beating the Rams. I am not big on the Rams, but I only gave the 49ers 2 victories all year. Hopefully they don't win another one till week 17 now.

Just as long as the Patriots keep on winning everything else really doesn't matter though.


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