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Monday, September 12, 2005

Sports: Bonds back in action

I know I'll be watching the Giants game tonight on my MLB extra innings to see Bonds first game of 2005.
The San Francisco Giants have been holding out hope all year that Barry Bonds could return in time to help them make a push for the playoffs.

After the Giants lost three out of four to the Chicago Cubs, Bonds planned to return Monday night to a team that is seven games out in the NL West race.

Despite the slim postseason chances, everybody around the Giants seems to think Bonds' mere presence will make a huge difference for morale.

I don't think Barry will help the Giants make the play offs. Even at the beginning of the year when I predicted he would be back by May or June I didn't have the Giants making the play offs.

If nothing else this will help the Giants sell more tickets and boost television ratings.


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