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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sports: You have to love Big Papi

The Redsox wouldn't even be a contender if they didn't have David Ortiz. He showed it again why last night.

The Sox had a confortable 5 run lead going into the 7th. But in true Redsox fashion they blew the lead and let the Blue Jays tie it up after Timlin gave up a 3 run homer to Vernon Wells.

But Papelbon came in and shut the Blue Jays down for 3 innings to get the win with David Ortiz hitting his 2nd homerun of the game in the top of the 11th inning.

All I have to say is thank God Ortiz is on the Redsox.

Thoughts: US troops might be able to go home soon

Well a good amount of them according to the Iraqi President.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani said in an interview yesterday that the United States could withdraw as many as 50,000 troops by the end of the year, declaring there are enough Iraqi forces trained and ready to begin assuming control in cities throughout the country.

After the White House and Pentagon were contacted for comment, however, a senior adviser to Talabani called The Washington Post to say Talabani did not intend to suggest a specific timeline for withdrawal. "He is afraid . . . this might put the notion of a timetable on this thing," the adviser said. "The exact figure of what would be required will undeniably depend on the level of insurgency [and] the level of Iraqi capability."

In the interview, Talabani said he planned to discuss reductions in U.S. forces during a private meeting with President Bush today, and said he believed the United States could begin pulling out some troops immediately.

"We think that America has the full right to move some forces from Iraq to their country because I think we can replace them [with] our forces," Talabani said. "In my opinion, at least from 40,000 to 50,000 American troops can be [withdrawn] by the end of this year."

I've always said we have to stay in Iraq until the job is done. This would be good for the everyone if Iraq could take care of more of their problems so we don't have to. Until they can take care of everything we should NEVER totally withdraw from Iraq.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sports: Breakdown of week 1

I did horrible on my picks, hopefully I do better next week, I just embarrassed myself with my picks this week.

There were quite a few surprises and upsets in my opinion this week.

Who would have thought Miami would beat Denver? I know I didn't. A lot of people have Denver winning their division and no one has Miami doing anything this year. Miami's defense is pretty good, but I didn't think they could score 34 points.

Who the hell is Willy Parker and how did he run for 160 yards?

I have Minnesota going far into the play offs and they lost to the Bucs??? How did that happen, maybe I bought into the hype a bit too soon. I guess we will wait and see.

One of the biggest surprises to me were the Green Bay Packers, not so much that they lost, but the fact that Bret Farve didn't throw a touch down pass for like his first time EVER. And to make matters worse he killed 2 of my fantasy football teams. I had high hopes for him this year. Especially since he spent the off season with a personal trainer. I thought he was going to come into this season in great shape and light up the score boards. I know I'm going to bench him till he proves me wrong now. Oh and Javon Walker got hurt to and will probably be out for the season.

And in the biggest upset of the week, in my opinion, the 49ers beating the Rams. I am not big on the Rams, but I only gave the 49ers 2 victories all year. Hopefully they don't win another one till week 17 now.

Just as long as the Patriots keep on winning everything else really doesn't matter though.

Sports: Bonds back in action

I know I'll be watching the Giants game tonight on my MLB extra innings to see Bonds first game of 2005.
The San Francisco Giants have been holding out hope all year that Barry Bonds could return in time to help them make a push for the playoffs.

After the Giants lost three out of four to the Chicago Cubs, Bonds planned to return Monday night to a team that is seven games out in the NL West race.

Despite the slim postseason chances, everybody around the Giants seems to think Bonds' mere presence will make a huge difference for morale.

I don't think Barry will help the Giants make the play offs. Even at the beginning of the year when I predicted he would be back by May or June I didn't have the Giants making the play offs.

If nothing else this will help the Giants sell more tickets and boost television ratings.

Thoughts: Death toll lower than expected

I remember reading a news article that predicted 10's of thousands thought dead in New Orleans, but the latest body count is less than 200.

The death toll in New Orleans rose to 197 as the search for bodies goes on.

I'm sure the number will go up, but that is an encouraging story that more people survived than first expected.

Sports: NFL week 1

A lot of upsets and a lot of suprises.

I'll expand on all this later today when I get home.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Thoughts: I hate political correctness

Fox is postponing the new Family Guy this Sunday because it has a few references to hurricanes.

Fox has substituted one original episode of Family Guy for another on Sunday, the debut of its new fall season lineup that night, because the episode scheduled to air contained a “couple” references to a hurricane. “Out of sensitivity to what happened, we’re moving it back a couple weeks,” a Fox spokesman told B&C.

This is total crap, I have been waiting for the season premire for quite some time now. Now because it references to some hurricanes they are going to pull it. This the same show that makes fun of everyone and everything.

Thoughts: Bush hates black people

Bush hates black people


NFL fans hate Kanye West

The chart topping hip hop rapper star who last week used a network hurricane fundraiser to charge "George Bush doesn't care about black people" was loudly and lustily booed during Thursday night's NFL kickoff show.

The appearance of Kanye West, who was beamed into the Boston stadium via remote from Los Angeles, rocked the crowd.

"The boos were thunderous and lasted for much of his number," reports the BOSTON GLOBE.


Sports: Big Series this weekend

Starting tonight the Redsox will be at Yankee Stadium for a HUGE 3 game series. This could make or break both teams. If the Sox can win 2 of 3 it would, in my opinion, guarantee them the AL east crown for the first time in God knows when. If the Yanks loose 2 of 3 or get swept that could seriously hurt there chances at the wild card.

As of last night the Indians are now in the lead of the Wild Card by a half game over the hated Yankees. And the Indians have a fairly weak schedule the rest of the year with 9 games still to be played against the horrific Royals.

But if the Yanks sweep or win 2 of 3 against the Sox that would put them in great shape to win the AL East as the Redsox always end up choking in the end. I won't be happy with a 1 or 2 game lead over the Yankees. And with the Indians playing as good as they are the wild card might not come out of the East this year.

If all goes well the Redsox will sweep the Yankees and I won't have to worry about the Sox choking this year. And I can hope the Yankees don't make the play offs either.

Sports: Patriots win again

What a suprise, the Patriots won 30-20 against the Raiders. It will be news when they don't win.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

NFL Predictions

NFL Predictions



New England 13 3
Buffalo 9 7
NY Jets 8 8
Miami 4 12


Pittsburgh 12 4
Baltimore 11 5
Cleveland 7 9
Cincinnati 6 10


Indianapolis 11 5
Houston 7 9
Jacksonville 6 10
Tennessee 6 10


San Diego 10 6
Denver 9 7
Kansas City 8 8
Oakland 4 12



Philadelphia 12 4
Washington 9 7
NY Giants 7 9
Dallas 7 9


Minnesota 9 7
Green Bay 9 7
Detroit 6 10
Chicago 5 11


Atlanta 11 5
Carolina 10 6
Tampa Bay 7 9
New Orleans 5 11


St Louis 9 7
Seattle 9 7
Arizona 8 8
San Fran 2 14

Super Bowl Prediction (and it is going to be all so orginal)

Patriots over the Eagles

They are still the best two teams.

Sports: NFL picks of the week (my picks in bold text)

Home team Away Team

New England Patriots< Oakland Raiders

>Washington Redskins< Chicago Bears

>Cleveland Browns< Cincinnati Bengals

Miami Dolphins >Denver Broncos<

Buffalo Bills >Houston Texans<

>Carolina Panthers< New Orleans Saints

>Kansas City Chiefs< New York (A) Jets

Jacksonville Jaguars >Seattle Seahawks<

>Minnesota Vikings< Tampa Bay Buccaneers

>Pittsburgh Steelers< Tennessee Titans

New York (N) Giants >Arizona Cardinals<

>San Diego Chargers< Dallas Cowboys

>Detroit Lions< Green Bay Packers

San Francisco 49ers >St. Louis Rams<

>Baltimore Ravens< Indianapolis Colts

Atlanta Falcons >Philadelphia Eagles<

Sports: Status of MLB

With a little less than a month left of baseball, how will things shape out at the end of the year?

With any luck the Yankees will loose out on the wildcard and the Indians will get in the play offs. That would give me such pleasure seeing the Yanks with a $200 million pay roll miss the play offs. But seeing that I'm a betting man, my money is still on both the Sox and Yanks making it in like I said at the beginning of the year.

What about the NL wildcard? I thought the Marlins had a punchers chance of taking the NL east because I think they are the most talented team in the east. Of course I still picked the Braves to win that division, I mean how can you not? I think the wild card race will come down to the very last game of the season between the Astros and Marlins. I don't see the Philies, Nationals, or even the Mets vying for the wildcard by the end of the year. My prediction the Marlins take the Wild Card.

What is left is who will win all the awards at the end of the year. There really isn't any clear cut winner for Cy Young's or MVP's and this all could change depending on who has the best September, but if the season ended today here are my choices:

AL Cy Young: Bartolo Colon

Roy Holloday would have been the clear cut winner if he hadn't broken his leg. I've heard talks about Mariano Rivera for the Cy Young but for one I don't like giving that award out to relievers and two I don't think he has had a Dennis Eckersly type of year. Bartolo Colon is basically the winner by default.

NL Cy Young: Chris Carpenter.

I really want to give this to Clemens. In my mind he has been the best pitcher in the National League with that abysmal 1.57 ERA. But with an 11-6 record as of today, it is hard for me to give him the award. I know it isn't his fault his team has been shut out in 7 or 8 of his starts and if Carpenter wasn't having an outstanding year I would give my vote out to Clemens.

AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez

It pains me, extremely pains me, to say he should be the AL MVP. As everyone who has read this blog for more than 2 minutes can see I am a die hard Sox fan and a dire Yankee hater. But Arod has had an exceptional year, he is in the top 5 in all the offensive categories. Unfortunately Manny, Ortiz, and Damon will all cancel each other out and Arod will end up with the award if the Yanks make the play offs. If they don't make it, I wouldn't be surprised if Ortiz gets the award. He has been a savior for the Sox this year I know that much.

NL MVP: Albert Pujols

He would have been the NL MVP the last few years if not for Barry Bonds. It is about time he gets his due and wins this award. He is with out the doubt the best right handed hitter in all of baseball and probably the best pure hitter in the game right now. Derrick Lee has had an outstanding year and if the Cubs were play off bound it would be a much closer race between the two. But I am not a person would likes to give the Most VALUABLE Player award to a team who would have finished outside the play offs with or with out that player. I think Andrew Jones has a better chance of winning the MVP award than Derrick Lee. Especially seeing how Jones is leading the NL in homeruns and RBIs and plays a Gold Glove defense in center field. If he didn't have a 270 batting average he would be my choice. But depending on who has the better finish between Pujols and Jones will determine who is the MVP of the National League.

Politics: Who's to blame for New Orleans?

So who is to blame?

Is is the mayor? How about the Governor of Lousiana? FEMA? or maybe every liberals favorite friend George W Bush?

So who is to blame?

How about no one...the only thing to blame is mother nature.


I guess I was wrong, the Japenese Mafia is responsible for Hurricane Katrina.

By request...Is the NFL getting too soft?

Hell yah it is... Ace0804 asked me the question because John Lynch gets fined every time he makes a hard hit. I've heard people on talk radio talk about how him and people like Rodney Harrison on the Patriots are dirty players because they hit too hard. Screw that...They aren't dirty, they play the game the way it was supposed to be played. The only reason they get fined is because the NFL has been trying to pussify the sport.

Pretty soon they will have flags and there will be no tackling what so ever in the sport. I'm surprised they haven't attached flags to the quarterbacks yet. They have overly protected the quarterbacks as it is. I've seen too many roughing the passer penalties that were complete bullshit. This is football, if you can't take a hit, go play soccer....