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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Thoughts: male birth control pills

I heard the local morning show talking about this today.

Kansas University researchers think they?re on the verge of creating the first oral contraceptive for men.

The National Institutes of Health announced Monday it would award KU $7.9 million to develop a drug that temporarily stops male fertility.

?When I talk to women, their first reaction is, ?It?s about time something was developed for the male,?? said Gunda Georg, lead researcher on the project. ?I think women would welcome the opportunity to not be the only ones to have to carry the burden for that, and I think men are willing to help.?

I would be all for taking a pill every day or once a week to prevent any pregnancies. I think it would work better with both the guys and gals taking pills. Would make it even harder for unwanted pregnancies.


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