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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sports: Why I love Renteria

Because he is selfless and will do what ever it takes to win. Even if it means

switching posistions.

Many people took notice of the relationship between Colombia-born shortstop Edgar Renteria and Dominican-born shortstop Hanley Ramírez, including the Red Sox manager.

''Edgar Renteria has done a great job of making him feel wanted," Terry Francona said in March. ''It's nice to see."

Yesterday, Renteria made his most interesting -- and selfless -- gesture yet toward the 21-year-old prospect. Ramírez was on hand yesterday -- just visiting during a day off for his Portland team -- and while discussing the Double A phenom, Renteria, without prompting, said he'd be willing to give up his position when Ramírez is ready for the big leagues.

''His talent is incredible," Renteria said. ''When you see someone you like, you're happy for them, you want them to play well. I don't mind that he plays my position. He has the talent to play, if there are ways for him to make it -- for him to move to another position or me to move to another position."

Why didn't Jeter say the same thing? Probably because he is an egotistical asshole who wouldn't give up his position to a far superior short stop in A-rod. Having A-rod at short would make the Yankees a better team over all.

People like Renteria are excatly the kind of players I want on the Redsox. Much like Wakefield who will do anything to help this team win, whether it be starting or relieving, he will do what ever is asked for him. I highly doubt Nomar would have gave up his position at short stop for Hanley Ramirez if we asked him to.

This is the reason why the Patriots are so succesful they put their team ahead of their own personally gains. The more the Redsox get players like Wakefield and Renteria the more I think we will win.


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