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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sports: What to do if you are the Yankees?

Steinbrenner met with his top advisors for 5 hours to try and figure that very question out.

Yankees owner George Steinbrenner met with his top advisers for five hours Tuesday, examining ways to improve the struggling team. The session came one day Steinbrenner issued a statement saying his "patience is a little short" and "the players have to want to win as much as I do."

New York general manager Brian Cashman said the meeting focused on "ways to be better."

"That's the bottom line ... as simple as that," Cashman said. "Obviously, we've under performed at this stage. We're looking to improve on what we've got. That's it. These meeting happen in the spring, in the midseason and the winter. We're always looking for solutions to try and be better everyday."

They are only 5.5 games out of first and have been playing like crap all year. All the people who say they should sell everything to prepare themselves for the next few years are idiots. Granted I would love for George to give up on this year and eat his $200 million payroll. I would love for that to happen, but he would be stupid to do that.

Even if you concede the AL East, to the Redsox, which I haven't done yet. Look who they are chasing for the wild card, Minnesota, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Texas. And they are only 4 games back of the Twins. I think they can make those 4 games back no problem and lead the wild card by the end of the year.

I've heard rumors about the Yankees traded Sheffield to the Mets for Cameron and Cairo, if I were the Yankees I would do that trade in a heart beat. They have enough fire power to beat up on teams with out Sheffield in their line up but the one thing they are missing is defense. And center field is probably their worst position which Cameron could fill.

Getting Cameron would do two things for the Yankees. One it would sure up their defense, their outfield has been horrendous this year. Matsui has been hurt and their other outfielders can't play a lick of defense. Sheffield is old and Womack doesn't belong on the field. He should just be a situational pitch running. Two Cameron would make the pitching staff better and give the pitchers more confidence. When the ball is hit in the outfield right now I grin with joy because half the time it is an error, miss judged, and becomes a hit.

The last thing the Yankees should do this year is give up, they are still in the race. Of course if all goes well they will be 12 back from the Redsox and the wild card by July 31st and sell their players, but I think that is wishful thinking.


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