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Friday, June 17, 2005

Sports: I think its time for Piniella to manage a new team

I don't blame Piniella for getting upset with Tampa's ownership, I would be mad at them too. Now it seems Piniella's agent has met with ownership probably over a possible buy out of his contract.
Lou Piniella's agent met with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on Thursday to discuss the frustrated manager's concerns about the direction of the last-place franchise.

Piniella criticized the team's new owners last weekend for not doing enough to make the Devil Rays more competitive this year, going as far as to say he would no longer take responsibility for the wretched performance of the club with baseball's lowest payroll.
Personally I think the owners of the Devil Rays should either bring up there payroll to a respectable level or they should sell the team. The D'rays take in more money from profit sharing then there payroll. That is just wrong. I would love to see some new owners who want to come in and win. Hell the Marlins, who came in at the same time as the Devil Rays, have already won 2 World Series in there brief time in the league.


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