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Friday, June 17, 2005

Sports: Cheaters are always punished

MLB has decided to suspend Brian Donnelly for 10 games for putting pine tar in his glove to get more bite on his breaking balls.

Angels reliever Brendan Donnelly was suspended 10 games by Major League Baseball on Friday for having pine tar on his glove during a game against the Nationals.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia and Nationals manager Frank Robinson were suspended for one game apiece and fined an undisclosed amount for screaming at each other after Robinson had umpires inspect Donnelly's glove for a foreign substance in the top of the seventh inning during the Nationals' 6-3 victory Tuesday.

Donnelly was ejected without throwing a pitch, and Scioscia then came face-to-face with Robinson. Both benches emptied and several players pushed and shoved each other.

Donnelly appealed the suspension and will play until his case is heard. Robinson has also appealed his suspension and his case will be heard on Monday.

I'm glad Donnelly got caught and suspended for 10 games. Serves him right to try and cheat, especially against the Nationals. Although I would pay to see Sciocsia and Frank Robinson drop gloves and have at it. Even though Robinson is 69 I woudl still put money on him.


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