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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Trouble a brewing

Bernie has been hot, hopefully Arroyo can cool him off.

Bernie grounds out and Womack lines one to Bellhorn.

Still don't like having 1st and 3rd two straight innings. It is goign to hurt us one of these innings.

I would have posted above earlier but internet went down.

Miller crushes one off the wall for a LONG single. Hopefully we can turn that into some runs.

Randy strikes out Tek on 3 straight pitches.....hopefully Jay Payton can come through

WOOOHOOOO Payton drives a 2 run homerun to center field. 2-0 Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mueller ends the inning with a soft grounder to Jeter.

Internet still down, another half an inning with out posting

I was just about to type that I hope this will be a nice clean inning for Arroyo, but nope Jeter hits a double to right. There goes that thought.

Sheffield pops out to short right, no chance for Jeter to tag up. I hate Matsui, and the Redsox faithful great him with boos. He always kills Arroyo and the Redsox, come on reverse jinx.

Nope, Matsui double soff the wall driving in Jeter, 2-1 Redsox.

Come on Arroyo, bean Arod in the head. Arod hits a weak pop up to Millar at first, for the 2nd out of the innings.

They just showed the brawl on NESN, Arod is such a pansy. He should have been carrying a purse when he slapped Arroyo.

Innings over, Posada grounds to Bellhorn. Hopefully Matsui can hurt himself.....

Internet is trying to work, but still not 100% Almost like there are 100 people all trying to connect to my wireless network at once, it is running that slow.

Lets go Redsox, pound Randy for a few more runs.

Big suprise, Bellhorn strikes out. 10th time in 12 plate appearances against Johnson. Here is a though Tito, don't play Bellhorn against Randy.

Rockstar up to bat, lets go Johnny, Damon walks, I think he will try and steal 2nd off Johnson. They just showed the Dunkin Donuts with Damon having a bald head, funny commericial.

Damon steals 2nd as Posada drops the ball trying to throw him out, I need those steals for my fantasy team.

Renteria gets his first home run as a Redsox. WOOHOOO 4-1 Sox.

Johnson isn't looking too good this year. I can't believe that fan dropped that ball as it went into the green monster. That would have been a nice suvionear.

Manny has not been swinging well this year, he is killing my fantasy team thus far. What bull crap, Manny strikes out on a check swing, it did not look like he offered, ok on the replay it looks like he might have.

Ortiz hasn't been able to hit Randy from what I've seen either, hopefully he can get it going against him. Atleast Randy isn't look untouchable like he has in the years past. Strike 3 Ortiz strikes out to end the inning.

4-1 after 3, things are looking good for the Sox

Just not for my internet....I hate not being able to surf the web during commercials.


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