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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Redsox set to win there first series of the year

If Foulke can hold the Yankees in the top of the 9th he will get his first win of the year and I think he will.

Sheffield leading off against Foulke, Sheffield still looks pissed. He always looks pissed though. Holy crap how did Sheffield hit that, lead off double off the top of the wall. He golfed that out almost out of here. Moral of the story, don't piss off a steroid abuser.

Matsui up, come on Foulke just hold the lead. Strike one to Matsui. If Foulke blows this lead I am going to break my tv and I don't want to do that. Matsui just don't strike out, how he got a peice of that I don't know. Atleast if he gets passed Matsui it shouldn't be too a hard to close it out. And Foulke walks him.

Arod will now hit a homerun to tie the game up, I seriously expect that to happen. Or maybe he could just walk Arod and give up a grand slam to loose the game. Why can't the Redsox just win normally? I guess this is why I didn't want Foulke to come in for the 8th inning, he isn't as good in the 9th. Ball 3 to Arod to make it a full count. Lets walk him so I can break my tv. Holy God...I thought that was gone, LONG LONG LONG fly ball to left field. Manny catches it on the back of the warning track for the first out.

Rat boy up again for the 5th time. He is 0-4 tonight, lets make it 0-5. I guess this is why they say leads are never safe at fenway. 2 straight balls to Posada and Dave Wallace will come out and try to talk some sense into Foulke. And that will be ball 3. Finally strike 1 to Posada. Foul ball down the line, almost became a hit. Rat boy pops an out to short right to Renteria. Posada chased ball 4 to make the 2nd out.

Jesus Christ Foulke, 2 straight balls to Giambi, I think he likes to work behind on counts. Strike 1, 2-1 now. Ball 3 on a close pitch, they always seem to go in the Yankees favor. Giambi fouls one off, full count. Tek comes out to talk to Foulke, lets strike this roid rager out. And here comes the pitch and...................ball 4. Giambi walks. Bases loaded.

Rey Sanchez comes in to pitch run for Giambi. Hopefully he doesn't come around to score. Rubin Seirra pitch hits for Phillips, who went in to play first after Tino came out last inning. Ball 1 to Sierra. Throw a strike. Sierra pops it up, Teks makes the batch in foul ground.

WOOOOHOOOOO RedSox Win, the Redsox win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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