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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Patriots resign Givins

The Patriots have resigned there other Superbowl MVP David Givins to a 1 year $1.43 million contract.

Three-year veteran David Givens, who led the New England Patriots in receptions and receiving yards in 2004, has re-signed with the Super Bowl champions.

A restricted free agent, Givens signed the one-year qualifying offer, worth $1.43 million, tendered him by the team two months ago. There had been some talk that Givens might land a long-term contract, but that did not materialize. He will be eligible for unrestricted free agency next spring if he does not sign an extension before then.

Givens, 24, registered career highs last season with 56 receptions for 874 yards, and he scored three touchdowns. His play was particularly critical to the Patriots in the first half of the season, when fellow wide receiver Deion Branch missed seven contests.

This is one guy I think the Pats should sign to a long term deal.


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