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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It is not ok to hit fans if you are an athlete

I guess Mouis Alou should have just all out whacked Steve Bartman for interfering with the pop up in foul ground in the NLCS. Why not? Sheffield is getting off with nothing over his incident with the fan at Fenway. This just leaves the door wide open for other players to hit fans that interfere with plays.

Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield won't be punished for his role in a scuffle with fans at Fenway Park last week.

Bob Watson, baseball's vice president in charge of discipline, made the decision Wednesday, a day after meeting with Sheffield and the right fielder's agent at Yankee Stadium.

"It just proves that I was right," Sheffield said before Wednesday night's game at Toronto. "I'm just glad I was an example of how to handle a situation without making it worse or hurting the Yankees or any organization for that matter, or any sport.

"It wouldn't have been just me involved if I would have went into the stands, it would have been my teammates. I would have put them at risk. I'd have put the organization at risk and also baseball," he said.

The commissioner's office said Watson concluded the fan reached over the barrier near the right-field corner during the April 14 game in Boston and "struck Sheffield on the head as he was attempting to field a ball in play."

I'm sorry but this is total crap, a professional athlete has no right to hit any fan under any circumstance. It is there responsibility to be above retaliation. That is what the security is for. But I'm sure we will be hearing all about this tomorrow on sports talk radio.


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