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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Internet finally back up, now that I am in a bad fucking mood because of a shitty umpire

How many CY Young winners have won multiple CY Young awards? My guess is 16, we will find out the inning next half innings.

Happy birthday to Chris Berman turns 50 in a few days.

I love seeing Renteria fielding the ball at 2nd base, Giambi grounds out to short 2nd.

Tino hits a ball up the middle for a single. I want to see a 1-2-3 inning sometime tonight from Arroyo. Would be nice for it to happen sometime tonight at least, just as long as he can keep the score 4-1 I’ll be happy.

That breaking ball from Arroyo looks sweet, almost impossible to hit if you ask me. I just don’t want to see him hang one of those.

Full count to Bernie, will Tino be running with the pitch? I doubt it, even though Arroyo hasn’t struck anyone out tonight.

Well they did send Tino, but Bronson walked Bernie, 1st and 2nd 1 out. The bottom of the order is killing the Sox this year.

Womack will be touch to double off even if he grounds the ball to 2nd or short. Yup ground out Renteria, got the force out at 2nd. Jeter scares me in these positions, he has always been clutch. But at least Matsui is not up.

Let’s go Redsox!!!!! Just going along with the chant at Fenway.

Arroyo is wild tonight, 3-1 count against Jeter. Major hitters count coming, Jeter fouls off the fast ball that came right down the middle. Runners will be off with the pitch. A single or double in the gap will score 2. Everyone is standing at Fenway in excitement. This is why I love baseball….Well not when Arroyo walks Jeter to get to Sheffield.

First pitch breaking ball to Sheffield called for a ball. Dave Wallace out to talk to Bronson, talk some sense into him Dave!

How does Sheffield hit with that bat movement? He is up there in age and still has one of the quickest bats in the game. It is very very scary to see him hit.

Arroyo can and will not be successful if he can’t get his breaking ball over for strikes. 2-1 count. Holy monster swing from Sheffield, weak breaking ball swing and miss from Sheffield. Looked like Sheffield was going to break something with that swing. Ball 3, full count. He better not walk in a run, well I’d rather see that than a grand slam. Strike 3 looking……What the hell….looked like a strike to me, where the hell did that miss????? 4-2 after that bull shit call.

Sheffield walks in a run, what a perfect pitch. Tito is getting thrown right here. Ronny Jackson has already been tossed, this is total crap. I guess this is making up for the bad call against Womack that would have led to a run in the first. Now Matsui is up and the game will be tied right here.

Holy crap deep foul ball. Please take out Arroyo and bring in a lefty specialist. He can not pitch to Matsui. Big surprise, Matsui singles in 2 runs, 4-4 now.

What is Arroyo still doing in there? He has sucked this whole game. But still better than David Wells. I say he should throw the ball at A-Rods head here than be taken out of the game. 2-2 count on A-Rod, Bronson hasn’t been able to close out at bats this year. A-rod drives in a run with a bloop single, 5-4 Yankees now. All because of a shitty call by a shitty umpire.

Posada grounds out up the middle with a nice place by Renteria.

5-4 Yankees after 3.5. I love when umps blow the game.

And the fucking internet is still down, this is really starting to piss me off.

I love this commercial, with the girl trying to figure out what she wants to wear, and her boyfriend repeating “wondering what to wear” over and over again.

So how many pitchers have won multiple Cy Young Awards? 13 is the answer. I was close with my guess.

Tek lines a homer over the green monster, tie game 5-5. Fuck you Randy Johnson and fuck you Yankees.

Now the umpire is yelling at Randy Johnson for no apparent reason.

Jay Payton strikes out looking.

Mueller needs to start hitting soon, or I will be leading a petition to get Youk back from the minors to replace him. Holy god, what another bullshit call. Francona was just thrown out by another shitty call from this shitty fucking ump. I hope the Redsox can file a grievance against this umpire. That ball was clearly low and inside, yet Johnson gets the strike call. That wasn’t even close, Arroyo’s pitch to Sheffield was a hell of a lot closer. I hate umpires like this. I am glad Tito came out there to stick up for his team.

Mueller pops up to right to end the innings.

Sox tie it up 5-5 after 4.


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