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Monday, April 18, 2005

games going on tonight 4/18/05

Dontrelle Willis is going for his 3rd straight shut out and doing a good job, so far he's given up no runs through 4.

Yankees exploded on the Drays, winning 15-2 right now. It is quite a coincidence Steinbrenner made his statement the day before the series versus the worst team in baseball, the Drays. So now he can go bragging to all his friends and the media that he is the reason the Yankees turned it around and stompt the Drays to death. But I would expect nothing less from him.

Kerry Wood is goign for his fisrt win of the year, winning 5-2 versus the Reds. Both the Reds two runs have come from Adam Dunn solo shots.

And the rest of the games I don't really care about. Maybe I'll update some more.


Time for an update.

Detroit is killing the Orioles, which would give the Redsox sole possesion of first place in the AL East, I hope that keeps up for the whole year.

Willis still hasn't given a run through 6 innings, he is making a huge case for Cy Young already.

Tampa Bay is trying to come up back on the Yankeees, 15-7 now.

So much for Woods first win tie game 5-5.

Oakland and Texas are tied 2-2 in the top of the 3rd.

The Braves and Astros are tied 0-0 in the 4th also.


Willis finally gave up his first run, a homerun to Vidro in the bottom of the 7th.


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