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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Finally I can post

Start of the top half of the 7th inning

Arod to lead off against Embree. Swing and miss for Arod, 1-2. I remember when Embree’s fastball used to be in the high 90s, 97 or so. Arod strikes out, you suck!

Rat Boy Posada up to bat, let’s see what Embree can do against him. And Posada hits a liner into right for an out on a 3-1 count. I thought that was going to fall in for a hit, but Payton makes a nice catch moving to his left.

Roid boy is up again, this time against Embree. Embree made Giambi look ugly with that breaking ball. Well Giambi makes himself look ugly just showing up to the park. Strike 2 the count evens up at 2-2. Giambi fouls off a hanging curve from Embree, we got lucky on that one. He is such a waste of money. Giambi flies out to short right. Yankees go down 1-2-3.

Embree looked real good there.

I think I’ll just post every inning instead of every half of inning. Blogger won’t load up for me because my internet sucks.

Heineken it’s all about the beer. Only that beer sucks.

Let’s see what the Sox can do in the bottom of the 7th with the score tied at 5

Payton will lead things off against Johnson. Johnson is looking wild here, he just threw 2 straight balls into the dirt. And a 3rd one, but Payton swung at this one. I think the Redsox players are getting to antsy. Another ball low and swung out, this time fouled off past first base towards Doug Floutie. Payton fouls a ball off his foot, which has to hurt. He is limping around like it hurt. Now he almost took out the ball girl, she jumped out of the way of that foul ball liner. Strike 3 right down the middle, no arguing about that one. Of course the ball thrown to Sheffield was in the same place.

100th pitch was a strike to Mueller. Mueller singles up the middle past a diving Tony Womack. First hit since Tek’s homer in the 4th inning.

Bellhorn is up, this is a guaranteed strike out, so let’s just count this as 2 outs with Mueller at first. Nope guess I was wrong, I’d rather off seen him strike out. Bellhorn makes his first contact of the game and grounds into a double play.

Tied 5-5 after 7

Internet still not working quite right.

Who’s going to start the 8th for the Redsox, Foulke was warming up last inning.

Yup Foulke starts off the 8th throwing a strike to Tino Martinez. I don’t like the Sox brining him into the game in the 8th inning. Especially with the score tied. After starting Tino off with a strike, he has thrown 3 straight balls. Make that 4 straight, Foulke walks Tino Martinez. Pitch runner for Tino, Bubba Crosby.

Bernie up with Bubba on first and no outs. Let’s see how Foulke handles this. First pitch strike, let’s hope he doesn’t follow with 4 straight balls. Foulke is paying a lot of attentions to Crosby. Hopefully that doesn’t screw him up. I use the word ‘let’s’ a lot. I just noticed that. Strike three to Bernie, but Bubba steals 2nd. Man on second now with 1 out.

Foulke desperately needs a strike out here against Womack. High strike called on Womack, why wasn’t that high strike called against Sheffield? Strike 2 right down the middle. Foulke scares me, he only throws in the mid 80’s yet he is very effective. I just don’t know how or why. Strike three, Womack chases a high strike. Thanks for cooperating.

Foulke vs. Jeter with a man on second, not something I like to see. I’d rather see Jeter up with no one on. Or at the very least someone on first. Last time Jeter faced Foulke he hit a walk off homer during the last series. 1-1 to Jeter after he fouled one off and then took a ball low. It looks like Tek is wearing a pink shirt under his jersey. Ball 2 low again. Ball 3 high, I wouldn’t mind Foulke walking Jeter IF Sheffield wasn’t on deck. Jeter crushes the ball into right, Payton swirls around and makes the catch.

Still tied 5-5 after 7 and a half. Redsox need to score here.

I am not even going to try and see if my internet is working, I’ll wait till the inning is over and then try. Or maybe the end of the game at this rate.

Hopefully Johnson doesn’t star the bottom of the 8th. Gordon starts the inning.

Damon leading off taking a strike, now two strikes. Swing the bat rock star. We need some runners. Yes! Damon leads off with a single up the middle between the pitcher and 2nd baseman. Now steal another base to get in scoring position.

Renteria showed bunt and pulled away and took ball one. I’d like to see Damon steal 2nd and than have Renteria move him over to 3rd. Gordon checks on Damon at first and Damon dives back safely, and again. I don’t want to see a famous Renteria double play he is already famous for here in Boston. Renteria takes a strike, the count 2-1. I think this would be a good time for Damon to take off to 2nd. Gordon thought so too and checks on him again. Damon off with the pitch, Renteria lines one off the green monster. Damon scores the go ahead run, 6-5 Sox! Renteria is starting to hit like he was supposed to.

Manny up with Renteria on 2nd with no outs. Time for Gordon to throw up on the mound like he did in the ALCS last year. Manny crushes the ball, but lined to Matsui.

Ortiz coming up, looks like they are intentionally walking him with 1st base open. I guess they want to take there chances with Millar. Millar is due to hit one off the wall.

Millar coming to the plate with Ortiz on first and Renteria at 2nd. Make them pay Kevin, make them pay hard. Ball 1 low and away. Millar skies one to left, Matsui sits underneath it and makes the catch.

Captain Tek up and ready. Now would be a good time to hit his 101st homerun for the Redsox. And the captain comes through lining a triple into right field, Ortiz and Renteria score. Redsox are now up 8-5. Something happened between a fan and Sheffield in right, the Fans should not be messing with anyone even if I do hate the Yankees, Taunting is one thing, but any physical contact is going way overboard. A fan took a weak swipe at Sheffield to try and block his eyes. Sheffield than rightfully so shoves the fan back. The fan should be thrown and arrested. I hate any fan who does crap like that. Looks like he is getting arrested, his wife will be pissed at him.

Gordon is being taken out of the game, time to go throw up in the bathroom. Just like he did warming up in the ALCS, he just can’t handle the pressure anymore. Time to ship him off to Tampa Bay where there is no pressure.

Mike Stanton coming in to relieve Gordon and the Sox bring in Trot Nixon who came into face Gordon. Stanton is a soft throwing lefty, Trot usually fairs well against soft lefties. Doug Floutie gets another ball and gives it to a youngster. He is getting a lot of attention down there. Nevermind about what I said, Trot strikes out looking to end the inning.

Redsox take the lead after 8, 8-5.


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