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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bonds off crutches

Now it is only a matter of time til her returns to overtake the Babe on the all time homerun list. Of course Bonds won't talk about his return to the media, because well he hates the media. But I think he will be back before the All Star game, probably mid June.

Barry Bonds walked around the clubhouse without the aid of crutches Monday, four days after having fluid drained from his surgically repaired right knee.

Bonds socialized with his teammates and appeared upbeat while playing backgammon against closer Armando Benitez.

The San Francisco Giants slugger, who has not been speaking to the media, announced on his Web site Saturday that his knee had been drained twice and that he expected to resume his rehabilitation this week.

"I had some fluid drained out of my right knee because there was a little bit of swelling," he wrote. "By draining the fluid, it alleviates the discomfort. My doctor wants me to use crutches for the next couple of days to make sure the fluid doesn't come right back. This was merely a precautionary measure. My spirits are still high about my recovery as a whole and I can't wait to get back to rehabbing next week."

Bonds said he would continue giving updates on his injury at his Web site, In an outburst during spring training, Bonds said he might not be back for at least half the season, maybe the whole season.

"My leg feels great," Bonds said. "I feel like I could go out there and run right now. But that wouldn't be the smartest thing to do. It probably would just get irritated again."

Right now there's still no projection for his return, although Bonds said he is "encouraged."

"It's still going to be a while," Bonds said. "The muscles in the leg have atrophied. So when the knee is ready, I'll get to work. Boom. Three, four weeks at the most building up the muscles in the leg. That will happen quickly."


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