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Friday, April 29, 2005

Yankees ensure loosing April

Uh Oh, George is going to go apeshit. With the Yankees losing last night to the Angels they ensure themselves a loosing April for the first time since 2003.

Kevin Brown looked much better. The rest of the New York Yankees did not.

John Lackey combined with four relievers to shut down the all-or-nothing Yankees, and the Los Angeles Angels got RBI singles from Vladimir Guerrero and Darin Erstad in a 3-1 victory Thursday night.

The Angels took two of three at Yankee Stadium, assuring New York (9-13) of its first losing month since it was 11-17 in May 2003.

This makes me all giddy inside, knowing the Yankees will have a losing record for the month of April. I wish and hope the Yankees will finish the year with a losing record. I bet if that happened Steinbrenner would flip a nutty and fire everyone.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Injuries everywhere

Most be that time of the year, every one is getting hurt.

Troubling news for the Redsox, first David Wells, who I hate anyways, went on the dl, now Curt Schilling is on the DL with an ankle bruise. Not good news for the Redsox who have been playing like crap lately.

Curt Schilling will miss at least two weeks with a bone bruise on his surgically repaired right ankle, the latest misstep for a rotation that lost David Wells a few days earlier.

Schilling's injury could be indirectly related to the operation he had last November, Boston general manager Theo Epstein said Wednesday, although the latest problem is higher in the ankle.

"That general area has been through a lot," Epstein said.

Epstein said Schilling will go on the 15-day disabled list, rest and wear a removable boot for two weeks. He might be able to throw during that period, which could speed his return.

It must be a pitcher thing, the Cards closer, Jason Isringhausen will also be put on the 15 day DL.

Jason Isringhausen has undergone seven operations, so he's used to setbacks.

he St. Louis Cardinals' closer has another injury to deal with now.

Isringhausen was placed on the 15-day disabled list Wednesday with a strained right abdominal muscle. He had made a full recovery from offseason hip surgery, an injury that hindered him much of last season even though he tied for the NL lead with a franchise record-tying 47 saves.

In February he signed a new three-year, $25.75 million contract. He is 7-for-7 in save opportunities this season.

"The black cloud is starting to come over my head again," Isringhausen said. "I thought I had it away from me for a while. I was just starting to get to where I wanted to be and throwing the ball good, and then this happens."

More bad news for the Giants, they have now lost their closer for probably the year. Benitez will be out for atleast 4 months with a torn hamstring.

Giants closer Armando Benitez is expected to miss four months after tearing his hamstring while covering first base.

San Francisco placed Benitez on the 15-day disabled list Wednesday, a day after his injury, but trainer Stan Conte said the reliever would be out for much longer after an MRI revealed that he tore his right hamstring tendons.

"The tear is complete with two of the three tendons that attach to his pelvis," Conte said. "This will require surgery to repair. This will take four months until he's competitive again."

Benitez is scheduled to undergo surgery Tuesday to reattach the tendons to the bone, and Conte does not believe this injury is career-threatening. The "outcome has been good or better with a pitcher," Conte said.

Atleast now I can pick up Matt Herges in all my fantasy leagues. As he will probably be the one getting most of the save oppurtinities for the Giants.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nomar news

Nomar is set to have surgery to repair his injured groin in hopes that he can return this year.

Chicago Cubs shortstop Nomar Garciaparra plans to have a surgery on his injured groin Wednesday in Philadelphia and hopes to play again this season.

The procedure does not involve reattaching a ruptured tendon. It will involve cleaning up other tissue around the groin.

"Decision was made during today's game after coming back and talking to the doctors," Garciaparra said Monday. "It's going to be a minor procedure.

"When you do something like this, it's not just the tendon, there's other tissues that often get damaged when you have something this extreme," he said.

The surgery will be performed in Philadelphia by Dr. William C. Meyers.

Garciaparra said there's no timetable for his return.

"I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll have some season left in me this year," he said. "I will be back by the end of the season. When that time is, two months, three months, I don't know."

I bet he wishes he took that 4 year $12 million contract now. Greeded bastard. I do wish him the best and hope he recovered quickly.

Bonds off crutches

Now it is only a matter of time til her returns to overtake the Babe on the all time homerun list. Of course Bonds won't talk about his return to the media, because well he hates the media. But I think he will be back before the All Star game, probably mid June.

Barry Bonds walked around the clubhouse without the aid of crutches Monday, four days after having fluid drained from his surgically repaired right knee.

Bonds socialized with his teammates and appeared upbeat while playing backgammon against closer Armando Benitez.

The San Francisco Giants slugger, who has not been speaking to the media, announced on his Web site Saturday that his knee had been drained twice and that he expected to resume his rehabilitation this week.

"I had some fluid drained out of my right knee because there was a little bit of swelling," he wrote. "By draining the fluid, it alleviates the discomfort. My doctor wants me to use crutches for the next couple of days to make sure the fluid doesn't come right back. This was merely a precautionary measure. My spirits are still high about my recovery as a whole and I can't wait to get back to rehabbing next week."

Bonds said he would continue giving updates on his injury at his Web site, In an outburst during spring training, Bonds said he might not be back for at least half the season, maybe the whole season.

"My leg feels great," Bonds said. "I feel like I could go out there and run right now. But that wouldn't be the smartest thing to do. It probably would just get irritated again."

Right now there's still no projection for his return, although Bonds said he is "encouraged."

"It's still going to be a while," Bonds said. "The muscles in the leg have atrophied. So when the knee is ready, I'll get to work. Boom. Three, four weeks at the most building up the muscles in the leg. That will happen quickly."

Monday, April 25, 2005

Some good news for the Yankees

Randy Johnson finally pitched like, well Randy Johnson. The Yankees ended their little losing streak beating the Rangers 11-1. It is only a matter of time til they break out and win 10 in a row. And are right back up in first place in the AL East. I keep on hoping it never happens this year, but it will.

As intimidating as Randy Johnson can be, he knew he couldn't challenge an aggressive Texas lineup with only fastballs. So he used a nasty slider and a diving splitter to work all parts of the strike zone.

The plan worked to near perfection for eight dominant innings Sunday, and Johnson won for the first time since the season opener as the New York Yankees beat the Rangers 11-1 to avoid a three-game sweep.

"I wasn't overpowering, but who cares?" Johnson said. "I'd rather pitch a game like today -- pitch efficient, quick innings, keep the defense sharp and get the offense back out there."

Hopefully Randy will revert back to his 5-6 runs a game he has been doing.

Another Yankee hurt

And guess what? I love it. Jaret Wright was put on the Dl with a shoulder injury. I bet Steinbrenner and Cashman are kicking themselves in the ass for signing him over jon Lieber, who is only 4-0 to start off the year. Better than any Yankee starter thus far.

Jaret Wright was placed on the 15-day disabled list Sunday with yet another shoulder injury, and the New York Yankees right-hander will miss at least four to six weeks.

Wright walked off the mound with one out in the sixth inning of a 10-2 loss to the Texas Rangers on Saturday because of pain in his right shoulder. This is the eighth time he has been on the disabled list in a nine-year career and the sixth time because of a problem with the shoulder -- including season-ending surgery in 2000 and 2001.

Tests on Sunday showed torn scar tissue in Wright's shoulder, and he was relieved by that.

"There wasn't a whole lot of sleep with everything going through your mind what it could be," Wright said. "I think tearing scar tissue is better than anything else."

Wright will have a cortisone shot in four or five days, once the swelling goes down, and then will go to the Yankees' complex in Tampa, Fla., for a rehabilitation assignment.

"He will be treated very conservatively," general manager Brian Cashman said. "Four to six weeks is the earliest timetable for him to get back."

How long til the Yankees try and back out of this contract too?

Mine as well start the day off with the Redsox

Redsox won, but that isn't the story. How about some bench clearing brawls. Only with out the brawling. No punches were thrown but 6 people were ejected.

Beanballs and brushbacks have become common when the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Devil Rays meet.

Jay Payton hit a grand slam and Manny Ramirez homered one pitch after nearly being plunked as the Red Sox avoided a three-game sweep with an ejection-filled 11-3 victory over the Devil Rays on Sunday.

There were six ejections in the seventh inning following a sequence of inside pitches and two bench-clearing scuffles. Tampa Bay manager Lou Piniella and Devil Rays pitchers Lance Carter and Dewon Brazelton were all thrown out, along with Boston manager Terry Francona, starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo and outfielder Trot Nixon.

Carter threw a high-and-tight pitch to Ramirez with one out in the seventh, one inning after Arroyo hit Aubrey Huff with a pitch. Huff, who is 7-for-10 against Arroyo, thought he was thrown at intentionally.

But Huff doesn't see a feud between the teams."That's Yankees-Red Sox," Huff said. "We're the last team on their minds."

Francona left the dugout to talk with plate umpire Ted Barrett after Carter's pitch, but after no action was taken by the umpires, Ramirez put Boston up 5-2 with a solo homer on the next pitch.Carter threw a 1-2 pitch near the head of the next batter, David Ortiz.

The Boston designated hitter took a couple steps toward the mound and was restrained by Tampa Bay catcher Toby Halland Barrett."They might have gotten away, they might have not," Piniella said of Carter's inside pitches. "If they're going to hit our hitters, we certainly can do the same. We're not going to be intimidated whether you're a world championship ballclub or not. I know that we're going to protect our hitters, I can tell you that."

The begining of the 7th inning was the best, the Redsox had 2 guys warming up in the pen and they brought Arroyo out just to plunk one person and get ejected. That is how baseball is supposed to be played. You hit one of our guys we will hit one of yours.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Nomar on steroids

Bob Ryan at the Boston Globe brings up the questions, was Nomar on steroids?

The video is gruesome. Nomar Garciaparra hits the ball, takes a step or two, and down he goes. The close-up reveals a man in severe pain.

That was Wednesday night, and yesterday we received the sad announcement. Nomar has a torn left groin and will be out for "two to three months." That's the official word. Already the whispers in Chicago are that he might be done for the season.

Things just keep happening to Nomar. There was the first wrist injury in '99. There was the second wrist injury in '01 that limited him to 21 games and 83 at-bats. There was the mysterious Achilles' tendon injury in spring training last March. He said he was hit by a foul ball while standing on the sideline prior to the Red Sox' exhibition game with Northeastern. No one on either team remembers seeing any such incident, and you'd rightfully think if something happened to a player of Nomar's stature, it would have been a Story, right then and there. Even by Nomar standards, it was a strange, inexplicable story.

The July 31 trade last season to the Cubs changed nothing. He hurt his wrist again. And now this.


Look, I'm hardly the first person to raise the question. When he was with the Red Sox, who was bold enough to link our fair shortstop, a noted workout guy, with the dreaded S-word? But he did go from, like, standard athlete issue normal to ultra-buffed in one winter, and he has been -- there is no other way to say it -- systematically breaking down for the past six years, so you can't help wondering just what he's been putting into his body other than Wheaties and sirloin steaks. If we're going to assume that Mark McGwire's physical breakdown was because of a reliance on steroids, then it would be quite logical to adopt the same line of thinking about Nomar. It's a legitimate question.

But let's say steroids have nothing to do with it, that Nomar's body is the product of more standard activity. Then perhaps he should rethink just exactly what he's been doing in that realm, because his body isn't responding very well to that. How many times are we told that someone's groin muscle has been torn away from the bone? Sounds to me like a body under a great deal of physical stress.

So what does the future hold for Nomar, who will be 32 July 23? We know one thing: The really big payday is never going to materialize.

I think the question is justifiable, so do was he really on steroids?

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Please don't Foulke this up

Why am I nervous every time Foulke comes in to save a game? Probably because he throws 85 mph.

Clement deserves to win this game.

After giving up a double to Javy Lopez with 1 out, he gets the next guy to fly out to Damon in center. Foulke closes it out with a fly ball to Manny.

Redsox win 1-0.

Update on Nomar's update

Nomar got an MRI and Nomar ruptured his groin.

The Chicago Cubs put shortstop Nomar Garciaparra on the 15-day diasbled list with a left groin injury on Thursday.

He has a groin rupture. The muscle has torn from the bone, manager Dusty Baker said. Garciaparra and the team will consult with doctors to determine whether he should try to rehab or have surgery.

Garciaparra was carried off the field in obvious pain Wednesday night after he fell to the ground leaving the batter's box in the third inning against the St. Louis Cardinals.

"I've strained my groin before but I've never felt anything like this before," said Garciaparra, who was on his feet but hobbled after the game. "It's kind of a freak thing."

That just sounds like a lot of pain.

Update on Nomar

Looks like Nomar placed on the 15 day dl but will probably be out longer.

St. Louis Cardinals team physicians examined Garciaparra Wednesday night, and he is likely to have an MRI on Thursday to determine the extent of the injury. He will be placed on the 15-day disabled list and could be out a month or more.

Nomar's career is over. I am so glad he isn't on the Sox anymore. The Redsox would not have won the World Series last year with Nomar at short.

Stupid David Wells

I hate him, I still think he belongs on the Yankees, so why does he have to go out and pitch good? Can't he just pitch like crap so it makes it easier for everyone to hate him. When I go on rants on how he doesn't belong here or he shouldn't be on the Redsox, people just tell me how good he is pitching right now.

Denied the opportunity to complete his first shutout in two years, David Wells settled for a victory in which he extended his run of scoreless innings to 15. Wells allowed three hits in eight innings, and the Boston Red Sox got a three-run homer from Jason Varitek in an 8-0 rout of the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday night.

Wells (2-2) struck out five and walked one. He had thrown 109 pitches through eight innings and was eager to get the final three outs, but as the top of the ninth dragged on - there were three walks and a pitching change - it became apparent that the burly left-hander would be better served by spending the bottom half in the dugout.

"My heart was wanting to send him out there for the ninth, but my head won out," Red Sox manager Terry Francona said. "I don't think it was right for the rest of the season. I was fighting myself. He wanted to, but the ninth inning was getting long. He understood. He was good about it."

Wells was vying for his 13th career shutout, the first in 63 starts since he blanked Minnesota for the New York Yankees in April 2003.

"I could have gone. I wanted to. I just felt good," he said. "But it became a long inning and I stiffened up a little.

Atleast the Redsox are winning and that is all that matters.

Ouch that has to hurt, more

Nomar Garciaparra had to be carted off the field with what looks like to be a groin injury in last nights game.

Nomar Garciaparra of the Chicago Cubs was carried off the field with a groin injury after grounding into a double play and then collapsing just in front of the batter's box in the third inning of Wednesday night's game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The slumping Garciaparra, hitting .157 after going 0-for-2 with a strikeout, took a few steps toward first base before falling. The team said the severity of the injury to Garciaparra's left groin was unclear and said he likely would undergo an MRI exam on Thursday.

It is probably better for the team that he did hurt himself. With Nomar batting 157 that has to do more harm than good to the Cubs especially since his defense isn't excatly up to par either. I hope Nomar is still kicking himself for not accepting the Redsox 4 year $60 million offer because he wanted to make more money.

Ouch that has to hurt

Steinbrenner and the Yankees are expected to pay $31 million in luxary tax this year. That has to suck getting that bill when you are in last place in the division.

The struggling New York Yankees will be hit with a record luxury tax this year.

Initial projections by the commissioner's office based on Opening-Day rosters have the Yankees owing $30,637,531, according to information obtained this week by The Associated Press.

The only other team projected to owe a tax is the World Series champion Boston Red Sox, who would pay $969,177.

Going into Wednesday night, the Yankees were just 5-9, tied with Tampa Bay for last place in the American League East.

Of course I doubt Steinbrenner cares, he will go out and spend another $100 million just to win the World Series. Money is no object to that man. If for some strange reason the Yankees don't make the play offs I'll be happier than a fat man in a candy store.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It is not ok to hit fans if you are an athlete

I guess Mouis Alou should have just all out whacked Steve Bartman for interfering with the pop up in foul ground in the NLCS. Why not? Sheffield is getting off with nothing over his incident with the fan at Fenway. This just leaves the door wide open for other players to hit fans that interfere with plays.

Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield won't be punished for his role in a scuffle with fans at Fenway Park last week.

Bob Watson, baseball's vice president in charge of discipline, made the decision Wednesday, a day after meeting with Sheffield and the right fielder's agent at Yankee Stadium.

"It just proves that I was right," Sheffield said before Wednesday night's game at Toronto. "I'm just glad I was an example of how to handle a situation without making it worse or hurting the Yankees or any organization for that matter, or any sport.

"It wouldn't have been just me involved if I would have went into the stands, it would have been my teammates. I would have put them at risk. I'd have put the organization at risk and also baseball," he said.

The commissioner's office said Watson concluded the fan reached over the barrier near the right-field corner during the April 14 game in Boston and "struck Sheffield on the head as he was attempting to field a ball in play."

I'm sorry but this is total crap, a professional athlete has no right to hit any fan under any circumstance. It is there responsibility to be above retaliation. That is what the security is for. But I'm sure we will be hearing all about this tomorrow on sports talk radio.

I think my prayers are coming true

When the Yankees aquired Randy Johnson from the Diamonbacks over the winter I fully expected he would win 25+ games, especially with all the run support the Yankees would give him. So far Johnson, other than his first start, has been a complete bust. Granted it is only April and he can still return back to his old self, but his last 3 outings his ERA has been just north of 6.00. Maybe it is because he is pitching in the cold and he is used to Arizona or maybe age has finally caught up to him.

His next start should be against the Rangers, we will see how he does then.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Today is the day of extentions

First David Givins got his from the Patriots. Now Tim Wakefield will officially be a Redsoxer for life. Well at least he should.
The Red Sox and Tim Wakefield agreed to a contract extension today that will keep the knuckleballer with the Red Sox through at least 2006 and very likely for the rest of his career, the team announced. he Sox will have the option to extend the contract for 2007 and any season thereafter. The contract will remain in effect as long as the Red Sox continue to exercise their yearly option. Terms were not disclosed.

“For the last 11 years, Tim Wakefield has represented the best of the Boston Red Sox,” general manager Theo Epstein said. “His continuing contributions to the success of the franchise on the field are matched only by his dedication to community service. This agreement virtually guarantees Wake will retire as a Boston Red Sox, which is fitting. In the long, proud history of this franchise, few men have brought greater honor to the uniform.”

The 38-year-old Wakefield is the longest-tenured Red Sox player, having signed with the club in 1995.

Tim exemplifies the concept of team first. He gave up a start in the 2004 ALCS to safe the bulpin. With out Wakefield giving up his opportunity to start the next game I fully believe the Sox would not have won that series and would not be the World Champs right now.

Patriots resign Givins

The Patriots have resigned there other Superbowl MVP David Givins to a 1 year $1.43 million contract.

Three-year veteran David Givens, who led the New England Patriots in receptions and receiving yards in 2004, has re-signed with the Super Bowl champions.

A restricted free agent, Givens signed the one-year qualifying offer, worth $1.43 million, tendered him by the team two months ago. There had been some talk that Givens might land a long-term contract, but that did not materialize. He will be eligible for unrestricted free agency next spring if he does not sign an extension before then.

Givens, 24, registered career highs last season with 56 receptions for 874 yards, and he scored three touchdowns. His play was particularly critical to the Patriots in the first half of the season, when fellow wide receiver Deion Branch missed seven contests.

This is one guy I think the Pats should sign to a long term deal.

Lance Armstrong announces retirement

Lance Armstrong says he plans to retire after this years Tour de France.

Lance Armstrong is retiring after this year's Tour de France, ending a cycling career in which he inspired millions by overcoming testicular cancer to win his sport's signature event a record six straight times.

Armstrong said he remains "fully committed" to winning his seventh straight Tour de France this year and is driven "by that dream to go out on top. That's a big deal to me."

"It will be the last one, win or lose," the 33-year-old Texan said at a news conference Monday.

I've heard reports about Lance retiring for a while now. He can say it, but I don't believe him. If he wins, which I think he will, this year. He will come back to defend his title. He won't retire until he actually believes and shows he can't compete at a high level anymore.

I just don't trust athletes who say they are going to retire when they can still compete. I know how competitive I am, and I am sure these guys are more competitive then me.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Redsox revoke tickets

I think the Redsox did the right thing here, revoking the fan who hit Sheffield season tickets.

The spectator who interfered with New York Yankees right fielder Gary Sheffield had his season tickets for 2005 revoked Monday by the Boston Red Sox.

A fan who spilled beer on Sheffield was prohibited from buying tickets for the rest of the season.

"That just proves I wasn't in the wrong, and that's what this is all about," Sheffield said in New York. "Yeah, you try to represent the game the right way, but then being told you're in the wrong for reacting to something you didn't start, that's kind of disturbing. That just makes me feel like it's a hypocritical society."

The resolution announced by the Red Sox does not ban the men from Fenway Park this year and leaves it up to the club to decide whether the season ticket holder, Chris House, will get those tickets reinstated for 2006.

"We selected a course of action that we thought was appropriate and enforceable," club spokesman Glenn Geffner said.

House, in a statement issued through his lawyer, David T. Norton, said he had "no intention" of striking Sheffield and that he does not believe he made contact with the outfielder.

"It is ridiculous for anyone to even suggest that I punched him or even attempted to," House said, describing himself as a 12-year season ticket holder.

"I was shocked and disappointed by his [Sheffield's] reaction, and I thank Red Sox security and Boston Police for quickly coming to my assistance."

New York manager Joe Torre was pleased with the decision, as was owner George Steinbrenner.

"We applaud the Red Sox for decisively dealing with this matter," Steinbrenner said in a statement issued through spokesman Howard Rubenstein.

Now what is going to happen to Sheffield?

While police continue their investigation into the confrontation between Gary Sheffield and a Boston fan, the New York Yankees outfielder is set to meet with baseball's disciplinarian, according to various media reports.

Rufus Williams, Sheffield's agent and business manager, said the slugger will meet with Bob Watson on Monday or Tuesday, The New York Times reported Monday.

"I think there should be a review of what took place, and an understanding of what he did," Williams told the newspaper. "In fact, he did not make worse a situation that could have been really bad. I don't even think a slap on the wrist is necessary. Gary clearly demonstrated he understands what the rules are and what the implications are as well."

The confrontation between Sheffield and fan Christopher House occurred during the eighth inning of Boston's 8-5 win over New York on Thursday at Fenway Park.

Sheffield was chasing down Jason Varitek's two-run triple in the right-field corner when House reached over the wall and appeared to make contact with the player.

Sheffield, who said he was hit in the face, shoved House before he threw the ball back to the infield. Sheffield turned and moved toward House, but a security guard intervened before the confrontation could escalate. House was ejected from Fenway, but not arrested.

Another fan, who apparently tossed beer in Sheffield's direction, was questioned by team officials and ejected from the ballpark, said Red Sox spokesman Glenn Geffner.

"We're confident the process will move quickly," Williams told the Daily News for Monday's editions. "Until it's over, Gary will just worry about playing."

games going on tonight 4/18/05

Dontrelle Willis is going for his 3rd straight shut out and doing a good job, so far he's given up no runs through 4.

Yankees exploded on the Drays, winning 15-2 right now. It is quite a coincidence Steinbrenner made his statement the day before the series versus the worst team in baseball, the Drays. So now he can go bragging to all his friends and the media that he is the reason the Yankees turned it around and stompt the Drays to death. But I would expect nothing less from him.

Kerry Wood is goign for his fisrt win of the year, winning 5-2 versus the Reds. Both the Reds two runs have come from Adam Dunn solo shots.

And the rest of the games I don't really care about. Maybe I'll update some more.


Time for an update.

Detroit is killing the Orioles, which would give the Redsox sole possesion of first place in the AL East, I hope that keeps up for the whole year.

Willis still hasn't given a run through 6 innings, he is making a huge case for Cy Young already.

Tampa Bay is trying to come up back on the Yankeees, 15-7 now.

So much for Woods first win tie game 5-5.

Oakland and Texas are tied 2-2 in the top of the 3rd.

The Braves and Astros are tied 0-0 in the 4th also.


Willis finally gave up his first run, a homerun to Vidro in the bottom of the 7th.

Early Redsox game

I almost forgot about today being Patriots Day. The game started at 11:05 and I am just catching it now at 11:40 am.

Redsox are leading 1-0 on what looks like a RBI from Kevin Millar to drive in Manny Ramirez.


Redsox are now leading 11-5, Manny has 2 homeruns in this game along with 2 errors.


Redsox win their 5th in a row 12-7

Schilling gets his first win of the year of many.

What's wrong with the Yankees?

That seems to be the question of the week, especially after the Orioles swept them. Steinbrenner is ripping his own team for losing 4 straight and starting off the season 4-8. Steinbrenner send out a memo after yesterdays loss:

"Enough is enough. I am bitterly disappointed as I'm sure all Yankee fans are by the lack of performance by our team," Steinbrenner said in a statement issued immediately after the game.

"It is unbelievable to me that the highest-paid team in baseball would start the season in such a deep funk. They are not playing like true Yankees. They have the talent to win and they are not winning. I expect Joe Torre, his complete coaching staff and the team to turn this around."

So what is wrong with the Yankees?

Other than have a rich and stupid owner, absolutly nothing. It is still April, they still have 150 more games to play. If I were a betting man, and I am, I'd still put my money on the Yankees winning the AL East division. There is no way a team with the talent the Yankees have can stay down for long. It just won't and can't happen. Believe me, I wish it would. I would like for nothing more than the Yankees to finish last in the American League, not just the division.

If I were Steinbrenner, I'd probably shoot myself for selling my soul to the devil, but besides that, I would not start worrying about the Yankees until June or July, if they are still playing horrible and in last place, then I'd start worrying. The only way that is going to happen is if Randy Johnson's knee falls off, Carl Pavano's head caves in, and Mike Mussinia's arm breaks off.
I wish and hope I am wrong. But for right now I don't think I am.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Redsox vs. Drays

Clement gives up a triple to Alex "I take steroids" Sanchez but doesn't give up a run in the 1st.

Right now the Sox have bases loaded with 2 outs and Renteria is up to bat.


And Renteria flies out to left.


Clement looked awesome striking out Phelps and getting Lee to ground into an out, but sucked up it after that. Why does the bottom of the order guys always kill the Sox? Clement gave up 1 run in the 2nd.


Redsox are retired 1-2-3 with an easy inning for Brazelton. Bellhorn has looked horrible this year when I have been watching. Next inning will be our big inning with Damon leading things off.


Clement gives up a walk but retires the side fairly easily.


Damon lines a single into center. Brazelton throws the ball away and Damon gets 2nd. Kind of wild throw that bounces away from Hall and Damon takes third on a close throw.

Why the hell was Trot swinging on 3-0? Trot pops up to the catch in foul ground. Manny better drive in Damon here. I'll be very pissed if we don't score with a man on 3rd and no outs.

Manny hits his first homer of the year, about time he breaks out of his slump. I knew it couldn't last forever. Redsox take the lead 2-1!!!!!

Ortiz lines a double into the same area Sheffield's incident was. I told you this was going to be the Redsox first big inning.

Millar grounds out to 3rd for the 2nd out of the inning. Renteria comes to bat and I think he will drive in Ortiz with a double.

Nope Renteria walks.

Tek lines out to center to end the inning.

2-1 after 3.


What active player has the most stolen bases against the Redsox? I am guessing Derek Jeter.

Hopefully Clement can tame the bottom of the Drays order this time.

Nixon makes a nice diving head first catch to rob Travis Lee of a basehit.

Clement gets the next to out for a quick 1-2-3 inning.


Woohoo Manny hits his 2nd homer of the night this time a grandslam.


Girlfriend bothered me so I couldn't both blog the game and watch it.

Redsox won the game 6-2!!

Another stadium bites the dust

Yankees are trying to kill the park Ruth built and build a new stadium by 2009.

The New York Yankees are close to reaching an agreement with city and state governments to build a new stadium, the Daily News reported Saturday.

Citing unnamed sources, the newspaper reported that lawyers from the city, state and team are completing a "memorandum of understanding" and that an announcement is expected around May 1.

While government and team officials did not comment directly about plans or the pending agreement, the newspaper said they did confirm that they are in the final stages.

"We're working very closely with the city and the state and trying to finalize our current plan," Yankees president Randy Levine told the Daily News. "We expect to announce it in the near future, and we hope to break ground in 2006 and be ready to play in 2009."

The new stadium will be built just north of the existing facility in the Bronx, and is designed to seat 50,800. That's smaller than the current capacity of 57,478, but the new ballpark will have more luxury suites.

The newspaper, citing officials familiar with the plans, reported that the new stadium will be comprised of two separate structures: an exterior wall, designed to replicate the original Yankee Stadium built in 1923, and the interior stadium itself.

The stadium construction will cost approximately $800 million and will be fully paid for by the team. The city and state will spend $300 million to build a new commuter rail station, improve parking, and create parkland along the nearby waterfront.

New seat at Fenway

Redsox are going to add high priced seats to Fenway Wait aren't all the seats at Fenway highpriced?

The Boston Red Sox plan to add more than 1,000 high-priced seats to Fenway Park during the next three years to squeeze new revenue out of the oldest and smallest stadium in the major leagues.

The plan, which team executives detailed Friday, would add about 2,700 new seats and standing-room spots.

The team signed a deal with EMC Corp., one of the state's largest technology firms, to open a new area for luxury box seating.

Seats in the open-air EMC Club, selling for $275 apiece, will replace a portion of the glassed-in .406 Club, named after the late Ted Williams, the last player in the majors to hit .400. In honor of the Red Sox Hall of Famer, the club will have 406 seats.

The team plans to offer club members such services as waiters and padded, heated seats. The club would open at the start of the 2006 season.

Also by the 2006 opening day, the team plans to add 374 seats above the EMC Club, creating a new Home Plate Pavilion Club section. Rounding out the plan would be 852 new pavilion club seats, 745 pavilion box seats and about 200 pavilion standing-room seats along the left- and right-field lines. The additional seats will raise Fenway's capacity from 36,298 to 38,805.

How about lowering the prices on the other seats then? I love Fenway, but it sucks when it costs a few hundred dollars just to see a game.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Wells getting the start tonight against the Drays

Question I want to ask every one, how many starts does David Wells have to botch before he gets pulled out of the rotation?

Personally I never thought Theo should have signed him, but I'd get him 2 or 3 more starts and if he continues to give up more runs than inning pitch he should be yanked from the starting rotation.

I can't wait til Wade Miller comes back to solidify the Redsox rotation. I just hope he can pitch up to his potential.


Stupid fucking David Wells, he had to ruin my hatred of him of throwing 7 shut out innings, granted it was only against the Drays. He still sucks ass though!

Arod saves boy from speeding truck

Of course I think the truck was aiming for Arod and the boy was an innocent bystander. But seriously, Arod did a heroic thing saving that boy from possibly getting hit.

Alex Rodriguez saved an 8-year-old boy from serious injury when he prevented the youngster from getting hit by a truck.

The New York Yankees star said Thursday he was standing in a crosswalk on Newbury Street near downtown Boston at about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday when he saw the boy starting to run across the street into the path of an onrushing truck.

Rodriguez reached out and grabbed the boy, pulling him back and preventing a serious accident.

"The kid was going to get run over. I just kind of put my arm out and stopped him," he said.

It turns out the boy, named Patrick McCarthy, was already a fan of A-Rod

Figures, a yankee saves a Yankees fan.

Fan vs. Sheffield

I watched the game last night as you can see below. Whenever a fan interferes with a player in any sport they should be ejected and arrested. But with the incident last night I think everyone is over reacting. I came to work this morning and all I saw when I went to ESPN and was what should MLB do to make the players more safe. I am listening to Mike and Mike on the radio now and they are talking about the fan interfering with Sheffield.

I just don't understand what the issue here was? Sheffield was never in any danger. The fan in Fenway did not attack Sheffield. He didn't throw a punch and was in no way malicious. Sheffield was bent over right in front of the fan, if he wanted to he could have punched him right in the back of the head. But all the fan did was swipe his hand by Sheffield's hat to try and distract him and let the Redsox get an extra base. If anyone should be reprimanded I think it should be Sheffield.

I have said this before about every other incident where an athlete fights back with a fan. The athlete has to be above everything. Athletes should never ever under any circumstances fight back at anytime. Sheffield fighting back only agitates the problem. With him shoving back it could have made a simple swipe on the wall to an all our riot. If anyone should get in trouble here it should be Gary Sheffield.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Redsox set to win there first series of the year

If Foulke can hold the Yankees in the top of the 9th he will get his first win of the year and I think he will.

Sheffield leading off against Foulke, Sheffield still looks pissed. He always looks pissed though. Holy crap how did Sheffield hit that, lead off double off the top of the wall. He golfed that out almost out of here. Moral of the story, don't piss off a steroid abuser.

Matsui up, come on Foulke just hold the lead. Strike one to Matsui. If Foulke blows this lead I am going to break my tv and I don't want to do that. Matsui just don't strike out, how he got a peice of that I don't know. Atleast if he gets passed Matsui it shouldn't be too a hard to close it out. And Foulke walks him.

Arod will now hit a homerun to tie the game up, I seriously expect that to happen. Or maybe he could just walk Arod and give up a grand slam to loose the game. Why can't the Redsox just win normally? I guess this is why I didn't want Foulke to come in for the 8th inning, he isn't as good in the 9th. Ball 3 to Arod to make it a full count. Lets walk him so I can break my tv. Holy God...I thought that was gone, LONG LONG LONG fly ball to left field. Manny catches it on the back of the warning track for the first out.

Rat boy up again for the 5th time. He is 0-4 tonight, lets make it 0-5. I guess this is why they say leads are never safe at fenway. 2 straight balls to Posada and Dave Wallace will come out and try to talk some sense into Foulke. And that will be ball 3. Finally strike 1 to Posada. Foul ball down the line, almost became a hit. Rat boy pops an out to short right to Renteria. Posada chased ball 4 to make the 2nd out.

Jesus Christ Foulke, 2 straight balls to Giambi, I think he likes to work behind on counts. Strike 1, 2-1 now. Ball 3 on a close pitch, they always seem to go in the Yankees favor. Giambi fouls one off, full count. Tek comes out to talk to Foulke, lets strike this roid rager out. And here comes the pitch and...................ball 4. Giambi walks. Bases loaded.

Rey Sanchez comes in to pitch run for Giambi. Hopefully he doesn't come around to score. Rubin Seirra pitch hits for Phillips, who went in to play first after Tino came out last inning. Ball 1 to Sierra. Throw a strike. Sierra pops it up, Teks makes the batch in foul ground.

WOOOOHOOOOO RedSox Win, the Redsox win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I can post

Start of the top half of the 7th inning

Arod to lead off against Embree. Swing and miss for Arod, 1-2. I remember when Embree’s fastball used to be in the high 90s, 97 or so. Arod strikes out, you suck!

Rat Boy Posada up to bat, let’s see what Embree can do against him. And Posada hits a liner into right for an out on a 3-1 count. I thought that was going to fall in for a hit, but Payton makes a nice catch moving to his left.

Roid boy is up again, this time against Embree. Embree made Giambi look ugly with that breaking ball. Well Giambi makes himself look ugly just showing up to the park. Strike 2 the count evens up at 2-2. Giambi fouls off a hanging curve from Embree, we got lucky on that one. He is such a waste of money. Giambi flies out to short right. Yankees go down 1-2-3.

Embree looked real good there.

I think I’ll just post every inning instead of every half of inning. Blogger won’t load up for me because my internet sucks.

Heineken it’s all about the beer. Only that beer sucks.

Let’s see what the Sox can do in the bottom of the 7th with the score tied at 5

Payton will lead things off against Johnson. Johnson is looking wild here, he just threw 2 straight balls into the dirt. And a 3rd one, but Payton swung at this one. I think the Redsox players are getting to antsy. Another ball low and swung out, this time fouled off past first base towards Doug Floutie. Payton fouls a ball off his foot, which has to hurt. He is limping around like it hurt. Now he almost took out the ball girl, she jumped out of the way of that foul ball liner. Strike 3 right down the middle, no arguing about that one. Of course the ball thrown to Sheffield was in the same place.

100th pitch was a strike to Mueller. Mueller singles up the middle past a diving Tony Womack. First hit since Tek’s homer in the 4th inning.

Bellhorn is up, this is a guaranteed strike out, so let’s just count this as 2 outs with Mueller at first. Nope guess I was wrong, I’d rather off seen him strike out. Bellhorn makes his first contact of the game and grounds into a double play.

Tied 5-5 after 7

Internet still not working quite right.

Who’s going to start the 8th for the Redsox, Foulke was warming up last inning.

Yup Foulke starts off the 8th throwing a strike to Tino Martinez. I don’t like the Sox brining him into the game in the 8th inning. Especially with the score tied. After starting Tino off with a strike, he has thrown 3 straight balls. Make that 4 straight, Foulke walks Tino Martinez. Pitch runner for Tino, Bubba Crosby.

Bernie up with Bubba on first and no outs. Let’s see how Foulke handles this. First pitch strike, let’s hope he doesn’t follow with 4 straight balls. Foulke is paying a lot of attentions to Crosby. Hopefully that doesn’t screw him up. I use the word ‘let’s’ a lot. I just noticed that. Strike three to Bernie, but Bubba steals 2nd. Man on second now with 1 out.

Foulke desperately needs a strike out here against Womack. High strike called on Womack, why wasn’t that high strike called against Sheffield? Strike 2 right down the middle. Foulke scares me, he only throws in the mid 80’s yet he is very effective. I just don’t know how or why. Strike three, Womack chases a high strike. Thanks for cooperating.

Foulke vs. Jeter with a man on second, not something I like to see. I’d rather see Jeter up with no one on. Or at the very least someone on first. Last time Jeter faced Foulke he hit a walk off homer during the last series. 1-1 to Jeter after he fouled one off and then took a ball low. It looks like Tek is wearing a pink shirt under his jersey. Ball 2 low again. Ball 3 high, I wouldn’t mind Foulke walking Jeter IF Sheffield wasn’t on deck. Jeter crushes the ball into right, Payton swirls around and makes the catch.

Still tied 5-5 after 7 and a half. Redsox need to score here.

I am not even going to try and see if my internet is working, I’ll wait till the inning is over and then try. Or maybe the end of the game at this rate.

Hopefully Johnson doesn’t star the bottom of the 8th. Gordon starts the inning.

Damon leading off taking a strike, now two strikes. Swing the bat rock star. We need some runners. Yes! Damon leads off with a single up the middle between the pitcher and 2nd baseman. Now steal another base to get in scoring position.

Renteria showed bunt and pulled away and took ball one. I’d like to see Damon steal 2nd and than have Renteria move him over to 3rd. Gordon checks on Damon at first and Damon dives back safely, and again. I don’t want to see a famous Renteria double play he is already famous for here in Boston. Renteria takes a strike, the count 2-1. I think this would be a good time for Damon to take off to 2nd. Gordon thought so too and checks on him again. Damon off with the pitch, Renteria lines one off the green monster. Damon scores the go ahead run, 6-5 Sox! Renteria is starting to hit like he was supposed to.

Manny up with Renteria on 2nd with no outs. Time for Gordon to throw up on the mound like he did in the ALCS last year. Manny crushes the ball, but lined to Matsui.

Ortiz coming up, looks like they are intentionally walking him with 1st base open. I guess they want to take there chances with Millar. Millar is due to hit one off the wall.

Millar coming to the plate with Ortiz on first and Renteria at 2nd. Make them pay Kevin, make them pay hard. Ball 1 low and away. Millar skies one to left, Matsui sits underneath it and makes the catch.

Captain Tek up and ready. Now would be a good time to hit his 101st homerun for the Redsox. And the captain comes through lining a triple into right field, Ortiz and Renteria score. Redsox are now up 8-5. Something happened between a fan and Sheffield in right, the Fans should not be messing with anyone even if I do hate the Yankees, Taunting is one thing, but any physical contact is going way overboard. A fan took a weak swipe at Sheffield to try and block his eyes. Sheffield than rightfully so shoves the fan back. The fan should be thrown and arrested. I hate any fan who does crap like that. Looks like he is getting arrested, his wife will be pissed at him.

Gordon is being taken out of the game, time to go throw up in the bathroom. Just like he did warming up in the ALCS, he just can’t handle the pressure anymore. Time to ship him off to Tampa Bay where there is no pressure.

Mike Stanton coming in to relieve Gordon and the Sox bring in Trot Nixon who came into face Gordon. Stanton is a soft throwing lefty, Trot usually fairs well against soft lefties. Doug Floutie gets another ball and gives it to a youngster. He is getting a lot of attention down there. Nevermind about what I said, Trot strikes out looking to end the inning.

Redsox take the lead after 8, 8-5.

I hate my internet

Top of the 6th, Embree warming up in the bullpen. Probably for when Arroyo faces Matsui.

Womack tries to bunt, 2-2 the count. Womack flies out to Damon in center, 1 out 2 more to go this inning.

Jeter still swallows. This umpire is really starting to piss me off even more. He just sucks.

Strike 3 called on the same pitch he threw to Sheffield. I hate this umpire with all my heart. And I thought the ump from last night was bad. 2 outs with Sheffield coming to the plate.

Renteria couldn’t make the play up the middle, Sheffield gets a single on a very hard play, and here comes Embree to relieve Arroyo from the game. Why couldn’t they do this when it was 4-2????

Matsui is still batting 400 off Embree, 4-10. Let’s hope he can get him out here. Embree is paying too much attention to Sheffield at first, he isn’t the threat he used to be. Another close pitch going the Yankees way. That ball looked like it had a chance when Matsui hit it, but it is just a long deep drive to Damon in center.

5-5 after 5 and a half.

And of course my internet is down again, why do I have such a shitty connection????

Manny up to lead off the bottom of the 5th against Randy. Manny still has yet to hit a homer this year, he is due. Manny takes a walk, lead off walk for the Redsox.

Hopefully Ortiz doesn’t ground into a double play here, I’d rather him strike out or fly out. Both of those swings looked horrible, 0-2 count on Ortiz. Nice catch by Matsui, Ortiz flied a ball into left field wall and made a very nice catch. At least it wasn’t a double play.

Millar is set to strike out, down on the count 0-2. Johnson is making a lot of these Redsox hitters look bad with there swings and misses. Ball low on Millar, 1-2 now. Same pitch different result, Millar swings and misses, strike 3. What is with all these off-speed pitches from Randy?

Manny is set to be the first Redsox runner stranded tonight with 2 outs. Tek pops to Tino on first base.

5-5 after 6

Hopefully Arroyo doesn't start the 5th

And of course he does. After that horrible last inning I would have hoped they would get someone else out there.

Giambi up and on steroids. 2 straight balls to Roids boy, finally a strike called, same pitch to Sheffield none the less. I love that shirt, Giambi grounds out to short right field. This time the shift works.

Holy god another bad called strike. That one was up and in on Tino. Tino grounds out to Bellhorn for the 2nd out. I might have a chance for my wish to come true, a clean 1-2-3 inning for Arroyo with Bernie coming up.

Ground out to Millar with Bronson covering to get the 3rd out.

1-2-3 inning for Arroyo, woohooo.

And now my fucking internet is down again. What the fuck, I hate Comcast.

Let’s see what Randy can do this inning, hopefully some more runs for the Sox. I would like this to be his last inning.

Bellhorn still can’t hit Johnson, he looks so horrible against him. What a surprise another strike out, Randy’s 7th strike out. The ump is now yelling at Posada and Randy Johnson.

I wouldn’t mind seeing another walk and steal by Johnny Damon here. Nope, soft grounder to Womack, 2 outs. So much for all those runs this inning.

I think this umpire hasn’t been laid in a long time, he looks pretty ugly as well. I guess I’d be pissed too if I couldn’t get laid.

Renteria grounds to Suck Rod for the final out of the innings.

5-5 after 5

Internet finally back up, now that I am in a bad fucking mood because of a shitty umpire

How many CY Young winners have won multiple CY Young awards? My guess is 16, we will find out the inning next half innings.

Happy birthday to Chris Berman turns 50 in a few days.

I love seeing Renteria fielding the ball at 2nd base, Giambi grounds out to short 2nd.

Tino hits a ball up the middle for a single. I want to see a 1-2-3 inning sometime tonight from Arroyo. Would be nice for it to happen sometime tonight at least, just as long as he can keep the score 4-1 I’ll be happy.

That breaking ball from Arroyo looks sweet, almost impossible to hit if you ask me. I just don’t want to see him hang one of those.

Full count to Bernie, will Tino be running with the pitch? I doubt it, even though Arroyo hasn’t struck anyone out tonight.

Well they did send Tino, but Bronson walked Bernie, 1st and 2nd 1 out. The bottom of the order is killing the Sox this year.

Womack will be touch to double off even if he grounds the ball to 2nd or short. Yup ground out Renteria, got the force out at 2nd. Jeter scares me in these positions, he has always been clutch. But at least Matsui is not up.

Let’s go Redsox!!!!! Just going along with the chant at Fenway.

Arroyo is wild tonight, 3-1 count against Jeter. Major hitters count coming, Jeter fouls off the fast ball that came right down the middle. Runners will be off with the pitch. A single or double in the gap will score 2. Everyone is standing at Fenway in excitement. This is why I love baseball….Well not when Arroyo walks Jeter to get to Sheffield.

First pitch breaking ball to Sheffield called for a ball. Dave Wallace out to talk to Bronson, talk some sense into him Dave!

How does Sheffield hit with that bat movement? He is up there in age and still has one of the quickest bats in the game. It is very very scary to see him hit.

Arroyo can and will not be successful if he can’t get his breaking ball over for strikes. 2-1 count. Holy monster swing from Sheffield, weak breaking ball swing and miss from Sheffield. Looked like Sheffield was going to break something with that swing. Ball 3, full count. He better not walk in a run, well I’d rather see that than a grand slam. Strike 3 looking……What the hell….looked like a strike to me, where the hell did that miss????? 4-2 after that bull shit call.

Sheffield walks in a run, what a perfect pitch. Tito is getting thrown right here. Ronny Jackson has already been tossed, this is total crap. I guess this is making up for the bad call against Womack that would have led to a run in the first. Now Matsui is up and the game will be tied right here.

Holy crap deep foul ball. Please take out Arroyo and bring in a lefty specialist. He can not pitch to Matsui. Big surprise, Matsui singles in 2 runs, 4-4 now.

What is Arroyo still doing in there? He has sucked this whole game. But still better than David Wells. I say he should throw the ball at A-Rods head here than be taken out of the game. 2-2 count on A-Rod, Bronson hasn’t been able to close out at bats this year. A-rod drives in a run with a bloop single, 5-4 Yankees now. All because of a shitty call by a shitty umpire.

Posada grounds out up the middle with a nice place by Renteria.

5-4 Yankees after 3.5. I love when umps blow the game.

And the fucking internet is still down, this is really starting to piss me off.

I love this commercial, with the girl trying to figure out what she wants to wear, and her boyfriend repeating “wondering what to wear” over and over again.

So how many pitchers have won multiple Cy Young Awards? 13 is the answer. I was close with my guess.

Tek lines a homer over the green monster, tie game 5-5. Fuck you Randy Johnson and fuck you Yankees.

Now the umpire is yelling at Randy Johnson for no apparent reason.

Jay Payton strikes out looking.

Mueller needs to start hitting soon, or I will be leading a petition to get Youk back from the minors to replace him. Holy god, what another bullshit call. Francona was just thrown out by another shitty call from this shitty fucking ump. I hope the Redsox can file a grievance against this umpire. That ball was clearly low and inside, yet Johnson gets the strike call. That wasn’t even close, Arroyo’s pitch to Sheffield was a hell of a lot closer. I hate umpires like this. I am glad Tito came out there to stick up for his team.

Mueller pops up to right to end the innings.

Sox tie it up 5-5 after 4.

Trouble a brewing

Bernie has been hot, hopefully Arroyo can cool him off.

Bernie grounds out and Womack lines one to Bellhorn.

Still don't like having 1st and 3rd two straight innings. It is goign to hurt us one of these innings.

I would have posted above earlier but internet went down.

Miller crushes one off the wall for a LONG single. Hopefully we can turn that into some runs.

Randy strikes out Tek on 3 straight pitches.....hopefully Jay Payton can come through

WOOOHOOOO Payton drives a 2 run homerun to center field. 2-0 Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mueller ends the inning with a soft grounder to Jeter.

Internet still down, another half an inning with out posting

I was just about to type that I hope this will be a nice clean inning for Arroyo, but nope Jeter hits a double to right. There goes that thought.

Sheffield pops out to short right, no chance for Jeter to tag up. I hate Matsui, and the Redsox faithful great him with boos. He always kills Arroyo and the Redsox, come on reverse jinx.

Nope, Matsui double soff the wall driving in Jeter, 2-1 Redsox.

Come on Arroyo, bean Arod in the head. Arod hits a weak pop up to Millar at first, for the 2nd out of the innings.

They just showed the brawl on NESN, Arod is such a pansy. He should have been carrying a purse when he slapped Arroyo.

Innings over, Posada grounds to Bellhorn. Hopefully Matsui can hurt himself.....

Internet is trying to work, but still not 100% Almost like there are 100 people all trying to connect to my wireless network at once, it is running that slow.

Lets go Redsox, pound Randy for a few more runs.

Big suprise, Bellhorn strikes out. 10th time in 12 plate appearances against Johnson. Here is a though Tito, don't play Bellhorn against Randy.

Rockstar up to bat, lets go Johnny, Damon walks, I think he will try and steal 2nd off Johnson. They just showed the Dunkin Donuts with Damon having a bald head, funny commericial.

Damon steals 2nd as Posada drops the ball trying to throw him out, I need those steals for my fantasy team.

Renteria gets his first home run as a Redsox. WOOHOOO 4-1 Sox.

Johnson isn't looking too good this year. I can't believe that fan dropped that ball as it went into the green monster. That would have been a nice suvionear.

Manny has not been swinging well this year, he is killing my fantasy team thus far. What bull crap, Manny strikes out on a check swing, it did not look like he offered, ok on the replay it looks like he might have.

Ortiz hasn't been able to hit Randy from what I've seen either, hopefully he can get it going against him. Atleast Randy isn't look untouchable like he has in the years past. Strike 3 Ortiz strikes out to end the inning.

4-1 after 3, things are looking good for the Sox

Just not for my internet....I hate not being able to surf the web during commercials.

Nice catch by Mueller sliding in foul ground and avoiding a collision with Varytek.

Giambi is starting to hit, lines one into right field.

Tino crushes a ball into foul ground out of play, they seem to be crushing the ball off Arroyo tonight. Doug Flutie catches the ball in foul ground, hahaha.

Arroyo walks Tino on what looked like strike 3.

1st and 2nd 1 out, we need a double play.

quick 1-2-3- inning for Randy

Lets keep the score 0-0

Matsui kills the Sox

Shef bloops a single into center. And now Matsui gets a ball passed the diving Bellhorn.

1st and 3rd 2 outs. Lets go Arroyo get Arod out.

Or throw the ball at Arods head

Which ever works....I guess the out works.

Arod flies to Manny to end the innings.

Now I know why we got Renteria

What a diving play and nice throw to get Womack out. Of course Womack was clearly safe in the replay but thats ok. About time the Redsox finally get a call to go their way.

Bronson vs Johnson

Lets go Redsox.

Yesterday was the day of the pitcher

Well for the most part anyways.

Dontrelle Willis is putting any of the "he should be in the bulpin" questions in the garbage. For the second straight start he threw a complete game shut out.

When the eighth inning ended, Dontrelle Willis was the first player out of the Florida Marlins' dugout, jogging to the mound eager to finish what he started.

Which he did. Willis completed a three-hitter for his second consecutive shutout, and Florida used another pitching gem to beat the Philadelphia Phillies 4-0 Wednesday.

"I was going to leave everything out on the field," the left-hander said. "You want to end the game, but at the same time you want to focus on what you did to get to the ninth inning. You don't want to overdo anything."

Willis (2-0) is becoming familiar with the demands of going the distance -- he beat Washington with a five-hit shutout last Friday.

He is making an early case for the NL Cy Young award. Him along with Beckett are making the Marlins the best team in the majors.

Prior pitched great in his first start of the year.

Mark Prior was a success in his season debut, while Kerry Wood struggled again.

Prior pitched six shutout innings in his first game of the season and Derrek Lee had five RBIs, leading the Chicago Cubs over the San Diego Padres 8-3 Wednesday for a doubleheader split.

Prior might be the most important person to any one club in the majors. With out him the Cubs just plain suck.

Clemens has shown he just does not age. How the hell can he still throw so good? The Astros ended up loosing, but not because of Clemens 7 shut out innings. I hope the Astros are out of the play race come the trade deadline and he gets traded to the Redsox.

Schilling slammed in first start of the year

Schilling ended up loosing 5-2 to the Yankees yesterday. But even with the loss I thought he liked great in his first start back. Francona might have left him in there an inning too long, but loosing one game in the beginning of the year is not a big deal. Schilling needs to build up his endurance and the only way he will do that is by pitching more and more.

I here a lot of Redsox fans complaining that Francono left him in too long, but can you blame Francono? The Redsox bulpen has been pitching like crap this year and who in there right mind would take out Schilling early in April? Now if this was the post season I would be bitching along with every other Redsox fan. But right now in April it is more important that he gets stronger so his next outing he can go 7 or 8 strong innings.

But the big question is how did Schilling look yesterday? Through the first 4 innings he look masterful, like his old self, before his ankle surgery. He started off the day by striking out Womack and Jeter back to back. He looked a little tired after the end of the 5th innings and it showed in the 6th when he gave up a homer to Giambi and another to Bernie.

After watching the game I just can't wait for his next start. Schilling will still win 20 games this year so I for one am not worried in the least about him. Or the Redsox for that matter.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Fever Pitch

I went to see Fever Pitch today and I have to say it is one of the best sports movies I have ever seen in my life. Being that it was about the Redsox that made it 10000x better. Getting to see the Redsox win the World Series again makes everything good.

Seriously though, even if Fever Pitch was not about Jimmon Fallon being an obsessive Redsox fan like me. I still think it would have been a good movie.

Koske does not want to get out

He keeps on fouling off everything.

He worked an 0-2 count to now a 3-2 count. 10 pitch walk, what the hell.

This is pissing me off

I bought the MLB package on so I could watch the games online. But every 4-5 minutes the games just stop. And I have to reload the game.

I missed Ortiz's 3 run home and I missed David Wells back to back to back homers he gave up.


Mantie sucks too.

God damn

Randy Johnson is getting lucky for the Yankees. Atleast he is loosig 5-3 right now, but seeing that it is only the 6th inning, I'm sure the Yankees offense can scrounge up 2 more runs to get him off the hook.

Wells still sucks

But atleast the game is now tied up, 5-5.

Is it me or should Trot never hit against lefties? That should have been a ending inning double play.

Tell me why?

Can anyone please tell me why Theo and his almighty wisdom decided to get David Wells? He is over the hill and sucks major ass.

This has to be the worst pick up he has made, worse than BK Kim.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Redsox get their first win of the year

Damon makes the catch for the final out.

Glad to get that monkey off our back.